Monday, August 27, 2007

Wantsum jazz festival etc.

Having nothing better to do this weekend, this being a rare event, since most weekends I am working, I thought I would go and rub shoulders with Ramsgate's millionaire classes.

A very pleasant experience this proved to be, on offer up on the eastcliff, was the Wantsum jazz festival, not really my cup of tea, particularly since I can never tell when the musicians have finished their tuning up and doing their sound checks and commenced playing, anyhow this event at least looked busy and crowded which is how things should be on a bank holiday weekend at the seaside.

Ramsgate also offers, some first class views around the Harbour for those who like to have a drink and maybe a meal, Me and Mrs. me, decided to stop and have a meal, very pleasant, a chance to stop and stare at the rich and famous of Ramsgate, earwig on conversations from people far more interesting than I and when that ceases to amuse, attempt to calculate the profit margin on your main course (I estimate the ingredients for my meal, cost around 75 pence, although I was charged almost £8.00) but since my usual choice of eatery in Margate apparently serves prime cuts of wildebeest or was it Zebu according to the ITV earlier this week I cannot complain (click for facts from Independant) also may I recomend the hunt the cow pie @

Anyway yesterday was really good weather, so after the summer we've had this year, you can't complain, although I for one, would have been pleased to see Ramsgate's very own jumbo jet flying around.

To me Ramsgate is roughly how a seaside town should be, and shows how far Margate needs to travel.

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  1. Nice of you to pop over and hob-nob with us millionaires. You should have mentioned you were coming, I would have brewed up a pot of Earl Grey for you!

    Ramsgate did look especially good this weekend - and sounded even better without the training flights!