Monday, August 20, 2007

Update on Kent's American adventure

Having a minute or two of spare time today, I thought I would ring up KCC, and check what was actually occurring as a result of Kent councils marketing efforts in Virginia and Washington this year. As you will appreciate significant amounts of time and money had been spent on marketing Kent, my estimate somewhere in the region of £350,000 this year.

A quick call to, KCC resulted in me being put through to an information line, operated by Kent Tourism Alliance who in turn put me through to one of the top bods, who although were unable at this point, to give any hard evidence of results obtained were able to reassure me that research was being done, as we speak.

Hopefully the fruits of that research will be, placed in the public domain when it becomes available, with a bit of luck sceptics such as myself will be proved wrong and hotels and restaurants will be knee deep in our American friends.

So far Kent's strategy of marketing the county almost exclusively to the state of Virginia, has yet to show any significant results, since the many hundreds of thousands of pounds spent over the last 2 to 3 years, has become increasingly embarrassing to the conservative administration in Kent, had there been any good news to report, I think we would have all heard of it by now.

Anyway this is a topic frequently covered, but if this is new to you, may I suggest you use the search blog facility.


  1. You can't move in Margate for Virginian accents, haven't you noticed?

    BTW, have you clocked that 5,000 French children are spending the day in Margate on Monday? A French charity which takes underprivileged children on holiday every year has chosen Margate to be its first foreign destination in 50 years.

    I don't know who I feel sorrier for, the poor Frenchies or the local traders who'll probably take all of 5 euros.

  2. I thought they had gone to Cannes!