Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cllr Broadhurst almost the invisible man

As you might expect I like to check things before I post up one of these rant’s and in the course of things I felt it necessary to check on whether or not or on what grounds it would be possible to report one of my councillors to the standards board for possibly, bringing the council in to disrepute.

During the course of my conversation with TDC’s deputy monitoring chap, the subject of Cllr Broadhurst came up, and it was mentioned that his last attendance, was on 23rd July, now this was news to me, and recalling that I had also attended the meeting, I felt sure that had Cllr. Broadhurst been present, he would have most likely introduced himself.

The monitoring chap said he would check, after I pointed out that Sandy Ezekiel had not mentioned his recent attendance at council either when he email me on the 29 July.

I rang round a few councillors eventually finding one in who confirmed that they had not seen Cllr Broadhurst in July, not for the first time I had been proved right, this incidentally makes Simon Moores suggestion that Cllr Broadhurst has an attendance record of 40% also incorrect and is 33% as I previously stated.

On ringing back the council bod, confirmed that having checked the attendance record and video of the meeting they had amended their records and the website although I see still no apology for his absence in the minutes of that meeting, tut tut.No apology

This means Cllr Broadhurst will still have to attend council some time before or during October if he is to keep his seat, lucky I spotted it really otherwise he could have waited till just before Christmas to come back.

I see Moores and Nottingham are slugging it out on this issue and must say I'm much enjoying it.

PS How this "phantom attendance" came about is something the monitoring officer or chief exec needs to explain pronto, it might well be he was "signed in" by a mate, or an error on the part of an "officer".


  1. Interested to read I apologised, presumably as you were there Tony, for my presence! There's a thought.

  2. You need to ask who marked him present? How can this just be a slip of the pen? Is this a TDC practice? etc

  3. Chris Wells blog is a mine of information http://www.blogger.com/profile/17086054266384793626

  4. Councillor Mark Nottingham is hardly any better than Broadhurst.

    I was astounded to read that Cllr Nottingham thinks that its ok for him to put his LONDON Labour party before his Thanet ward because he wanted a photo with the unelected lame duck prime minister.

    I agree that Nottingham spending too much time in Europe, is not quite as bad as being in South America. However, he is still taking the pee out of the people of Thanet.

    They both need to resign!

    They both think Thanet comes last!

  5. Tony,
    Attendance is recorded by the passing round of the signing in book, if you are there you sign if you are not you dont, I am not a naturally cynical person, ( much) but I suppose it is perfectly possible for someone to 'sign in' for someone else, not that I am suggesting for one minute that all the fuss about Cllr Broadhursts absense would prompt one of his colleagues to do such a thing in order to avoid the possibility of an embarrassing by election.
    Unfortunately all the fuss will ensure that he does actually put in an appearance before the deadline.
    Insofar as Mark Nottingham is concerned he is only in Europe a couple of days a week, comes home to Thanet most evenings and is available for his constituents and meetings.

  6. Alls well that ends well.

    Just one of those mistakes that happen.

    Wonder if Moores will have an opinion!

  7. It would be interesting if people in Nottingham's ward camped outside his house(his Thanet one) they might be waiting for days at a time to see him.

    I think Mark Nottingham attacks others, as a smoke screen to hide his own going-ons.

    I guess he probably thinks that he is clever enough to fool us Thanet mugs.



  9. No worrows 6:51 Mark does a good job.

    Wonder if anyone will take a look at the signatures?

    Tony you should ask for a photocopy.

  10. I don't know why anyone even bothers answering any of Nottingham's questions.
    Its all smokescreen to cover the fact that he doesn't do anything for the people who elected him and he's been caught out.

    To him Northwood is just a small entry on his C.V. as he crawls his way up the Labour Party, which is a bit like wanting to be an officer on the Titanic. Snazzy uniform but no future!

  11. For the record I work in Europe 2-3days a month on average, not a week. I also usually work a day a week in Thanet. I've worked in Brussels in the day, and been at Thanet meetings in the evening, there's this fast thing called Eurostar in case the anons hadn't heard and you get the hour back on the way back.

    All the usual anonymous Tory attack crew popping on their lies as ever orchestrated by their master Simon Moores. How sad.

    My blog has plenty of stories on my work in Thanet. Anybody can call me on my mobile anytime which is better than the majority of cllrs who only give a landline or as I've highlighted on my blog several Tories who provide no number.

    Anon 6.51 know they are making a false statement hits the point yes I criticise Moores, Ezekiel, Latchford, and Wise. Yes I would be anonymous about defending them too!

    I think 704 you have a worrowing point.

    But hey when you're a Thanet Conservative why let the facts get in the way?

    Must go another Tory to dissect...

  12. This looks like a Standards Board issue regardless of the costs. If another councillors has forged his signature then this is nothing more than a corrupt practice designed to deceive the Thanet public. I cant think that it was done by a labour member.Is it an isolated case? With all the effort made recently by the council and some cabinet members to remind councilors of their obligations when blogging it makes you realise what a two faced game they are playing. Thanks to Tony for this - he is in the wrong job!

  13. Well done, Tony!

    So we have Council mis-management by officers in regard to Maritime Services; Housing Repairs & Maintenance; utter disregard for compliance with Contract Proceedure Rules (CPRs); clear politicisation of a senior officer (Mr Bunnet's evidence to Standards in regard to Woollen Mill)and now we have falsification/incompetence in regard to a Conservative Cllr's attendance at a Council Meeting!

    I am beginning to wonder when it is time for Central Government to take a keener interest in what look likes a potentially corrupt or certainly inept administration at the heart of our Council in Thanet?

  14. Anon of 556, I am fascinated. I did not know I evn had a blog. Indeed I do not. What you have found I know not!

    It is possible this is just a mistake not a conspiracy; as was the record of my apologies when I was there all evening. I have asked for this to be corrected.

  15. Nottingham is a small fish in a big pond in London, and a small fish in a small pond in Thanet. So even his colleagues don't rate him.

    The Labour Party have destroyed the lives of countless hundreds of thousands of people young and old in our country, as well as the economic and social fabric of our society.

    The above are facts - face realities.

    P.S. Broadhurst will resign and there will be an election in October.

    And, those who can't, blog - those who can, .... laugh!

  16. Simon Moores leapt to Cllr Broadhurst's defence recently attacking Cllr Mark Nottingham I just think had he been more astute when plucking the bogus 40% TDC figure from Cllr Broadhursts attendance record he might have just checked what meetings he'd supposedly been to.

    Since TDC had him down as being at that, memorable if silly council meeting 23rd july in which Ezekiel had to put away his slide show and I along with rest of the public were excluded from the pleasurama item by some senior council muppets on some ludicrous whim, god knows why.

    This was a few days after I put up a missing poster on this website and before local press pipped up.
    So he should have been aware of the Broadhurst absence.

    This shows just how much Ezekiel and mates including old Moores think about democracy.

  17. Mark Nottingham and co must really think that BIGNEWS readers are daft

    Anyone with half a brain can tell that Mark and paul(sorry Bertie) are just talking it up!

  18. Poor ole Tony being taken for ride on the Nottingham train

  19. Personally I'm sure if cllr Broadhurst is not going to return post haste, that he will do the honourable thing and resign.

    Hopefully if the local conservatives have any brains they will also wish to resolve this matter pronto.

    To hang this out any longer would stink of opportunism.

    I might well stand myself.

    As for being taken for a ride I agree upto a point but Sandy Ezekiel looks like the driver.

    So no worrows (thks 7:04) anon 12:10 & 12:15

  20. FOI for a copy of the cllr attendance signing in book

    Hope that Simon Moores will allay concerns by showing his Royal Marines Reserve Service Record.

    Laugh at the anon idiots trying to shoot the Nottingham messenger but who, thereby, draw more attention to the issues raised.

    Of course I remain fascinated to learn if Simon served in RMR with any of the associates of James Shortt exposed earlier this year as a bogus former SAS man whose career began by charging money to teach his bogus close quarter battle course at Deal Barracks to gullible Royal Marines, reservists and police from 1976 to 82.

    Out of which scam grew the live fire training organisations International Bodygaurds Assn and International Law Enforcement Training Agency.

    And hence back to the issue of live fire paramilitary training involving off duty Kent Police at the former 6th Thanet Gun Range.

    James Shortt worked for a company called Special Training Services in the 80s allegedly alongside a V Queens V TAVR colleague of tory Cllr George Maison (arrested for paramilitary activity within TA 1987).

    Shortt had dealings with Wouter Basson, Head of apartheid regime nuclear biological chemical weapons programme. That programme was buying specialist mercury products from Thor Margate.

    Those specialist mercury products (perhaps then silently contaminating the Thanet aquifer) became part of the bogus WMD case made to mnount unlawful invasion of Iraq.

    Maison (were his engineering qualies forgeries) gained work 1988 at Sericol as sitesafety engineer.

    Now I expect MD Leon King needed an issue of bogis staff like a hole in the head when the extent of Sericol contamination of Thanet aquifer was discovered in the 90s. We must ask how the matter remained secret till my FOI request last year. Surely Planning Cttee member tory Cllr Maison knew because he worked as site safety engineer at Sericol (till they gave him ten grand severance just before Margaret Mortlock successfully sued him for libel in 1998)

    Did Planning Cttee Chair Tory Cllr Hayton not know about the Sericol contamination from his estemmed colleague Maison ? Did Hayton tell the High Court on oath there had been no procedures of inquiry touching on Maison ?

    I have to wonder if Hayton and Maison and Co were buying bottled water to drink whilst they kept the rest of Thanet unaware of the water supply pollution issues ?

    Come on Thanet tories.. Answer up lads.

  21. Tony Please google Brigadier Mike Harvey Black belt judo.

    Look at his military career, Customs and Excise and Special Forces background.

    That is the quality that raised MI5 inquiries in 1981 about unsuitable right wingers (perhaps IRA supportive group) who were involved with the CQB courses at Deal Royal Marines Barracks.

    I recently sent a letter to HM Coroner in which I argue the case for who the Brigadier's concerns were about.

    Softly softly.

  22. Tony,

    I see Parish Councillor Worrow appears to have popped up anonymously again(or at least his glee club has.)

    Doesn't he realise his persistent attacks are so obvious to those in the know?

  23. Mr Worrow really does need to get over himself. The issue of forging signatures for absent councillors is very serious Mr Worrow and attempting to deflect the issue onto Cllr Nottingham does not make it less so.

    The Broadhurst issue of course is accompanied by the fact that some Cllrs also seem happy to sign themselves into meetings and then disappear. Thanet is being shortchanged and policies and practices need to be put in place to prevent this sort of thing happening.

  24. Please take it from me that suggestions John Worrow, has been making anonymous comments are not true.

    This is why I'm not keen on non attributable comments.

  25. Given that a lot (potentially)rides on whether Broadhurst was or wasn't there, and whether or not someone else wrongly signed him in - his allowances, his council seat, and the ruling group's reputation - perhaps Chris Wells would undertake to sort this out to everyone's satisfaction? He has contributed to the debate, and a more active role in taking this up on behalf of the blogging fraternity - hesitate to say people of Thanet - would be a positive step.

  26. Its being able to get away with accusing innocent people of things that really makes political blogs appealing to some people.

  27. Shall will all make Mark Nottingham style libelous remarks about people we don't even know?

    Shall we accuse anyone that is Tory of just about anything we can think of?

    I do love blogs - its a cowards dream!

  28. Anon of 137 - I have already contacted the relevant officers; Tony Flaig, and Mark Nottingham trying to do just that.

  29. I have updated my post to explain the "administrative error" that lead to Tony's post which I relied upon.

    If the TDC Conservative group want to be treated with greater respect then they should not tolerate the sending of racist emails, false complaints to police, threats to assault opposition councillors, swearing and abuse etc.
    They then elect some of the worst offenders to senior positions thereby endorsing their misconduct. I know there are several honourable TDC Conservatives but the majority are prepared to tolerate misconduct by their fellow Conservatives and even reward it. So they will be judged on the basis of their actions.

    As Richard Card says it is the anon commenters who are trying to shoot me down as the messenger. I don't doubt some of these are Conservative cllrs. It ain't going to stop folks!

  30. Did any voting take place at this meeting, both in public and in private?

    If so did the absent coucillor vote?

  31. Mark Nottingham is doing a very good job telling half truths and making libelous comments. But like his chum lord mandy he will learn that those that practice the dark arts will have to pay the devils price!

  32. I think Cllr.Nottingham's world will be crashing in on him very soon. His comments above are surely libellous, or at best designed to bring innocent people into disrepute. I hope he is a rich man.

  33. Chris Wells has said that he is looking into this. Perhaps waiting on his reply - rather than continuing attacks on Mark Nottingham or anyone else in the meantime - would be worthwhile.m That said, the reply does need to be comprehensive, credible, and not too long in coming!

  34. Nottingham has become an embarrassment and liability to his party, the council, and the people he represents.

    His single-minded partisanship and corresponding willingness to destroy the dignity and careers of people doing their best (as he probably believes he himself is doing) to improve the lot of us who live here implies an unbalanced and fanatically obsessive behaviour that has no place in our society. He is clearly a political zealot, and although not as dangerous in our society as these people are with religious views in other places, he should still be disregarded. Or perhaps he just needs medication?

    I say it is time for labour to withdraw the whip from Nottingham, and the same for the tories and Cllr.Broadhurst. Neither should continue to be supported by their respective party leaders.

  35. Mark Nottingham seems to enjoy being evil! and jealous people cheer him on!

  36. Mark Nottingham is not only a nasty and evil person he is also very dangerous

  37. Is Rick Card on medication? Mad as f....g baloon!

  38. Broadhurst definitely has not been back in the country since July, his passport can prove this, the last time he returned was to see his GP and undergo tests, once this was rushed through he made a swift return to Panama.
    Who ever forged his signature in the meetings sheeet is as guilty as he is and both shoud be thrown out, as this ensured further payments from the tax payers for their attendance.
    This is disgraceful behaviour for people working in the public eye, what example does this show to our young. If we can not trust the people who help run the country, what chance do we have?

  39. hmmm clr broadhurst took money from tdc and is now hiding !, and his friend and buisiness partner mayor ted ruffell is running his company and ted is no stranger to bad publicity, teds latest episode is letting a kitten die through dlees drinking all his blood (animal lovers need to call for himto resign) or should we just let hi get on with his life ? , these back hander taking council evil pratts are making a circus which noone can stop, or can they, instead of ezekeil shouting and swearing at councillrs he should force ruffell to resign as it was a few years back ruffell had a warrant out for his arrest for none payment of fines, and here he is as the mayor of margate, even more interesting is that he is pictures wearing panama hats which broadhurst brought back from his home which is in panama ?? and yes ruffell and some other idiots were walking round wearing them, come on ezekeil stop taking oney to errect cheap nasty flats and get rid or it tells us your in with the PLANNING FOR FLATS BACKHANDER BRIGADE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!