Monday, August 03, 2009

Thought for the day – RBS Stephen Hester Group Chief Executive THANKS FOR NOTHING

Just a quick one, I saw yesterday as I glanced through the papers one of those part advert, part P R devices that big companies employ, a large full page ad, consisting of a letter to customers, toward the back of the news section of my paper.

The letter addressed to “Dear Customer” waffles on about the amount of loans their making and all that positive nonsense you might expect, it concludes with a thank you to continuing to bank with RBS and the suggestion you speak to your “Relationship Manager”.

All very nice of Stephen Hester RBS Group Chief Exec but hang on a minute what about a big thank you, to all your reluctant investors, irrespective of earnings who will, for the foreseeable future be bailing out RBS and others through higher taxation and declining public services.

Of course not every one will be contributing to recovery in Britain’s banking sector, since the fall out from, the Banks reckless management has led to hundreds of thousands losing their jobs.

Thanks for nothing Stephen Hester RBS Group boss, maybe next time you stick a letter in the paper you’ll have the good grace and decency to thank the British Taxpayer with particular attention to those who’ve lost their jobs, had their wages cut etc.

Today I understand several Banks will be announcing big profits it would be nice if they gave the lions share to charity to show some gratitude.


  1. What an imbecilic commentary! Hester has a job to do and the more he's allowed to do that the more chance we have of getting the UK's finances back in order. Easy to be the populist at times like this - how about some original thinking?