Friday, August 14, 2009

No ifs no butts as Thanet Council plum new depths in resident harassment.

I see just glancing at TDC’s website that council jobsworths are waging are rather sanctimonious campaign against smokers, in two months of an apparently obsessive surveillance operation 17 smokers, have been convicted of missing the conveniently placed ashtrays and presumably doing what I use to do as smoker, throwing in your exhausted fag into the gutter or drain.

The cost to the hapless smoker is £100 cost (to subsidise lawyers) a £15 surcharge ( not sure on that one) and £100-175 for the offence which I assume just about covers the cost of tea & biscuits for ever increasing private army of council snoops.

Over the same period not far from Flaig mansions a roofer dumped a bucket load of crap on the pavement, clearly along with all the rubbish in the street TDC have adopted a wait and see approach and it appears to be working, over the last few weeks heavy downpours have washed away much of the crap leaving only a small residue (do I complain?).

If anything discarded cigarettes enable street cleaners assuming they have any, to see where they need to sweep and if left will probably wash down a convenient drain during the next rain shower unlike the dog S*** along my road.

Life’s to short to be hounding residents for tiny misdemeanours, get a life council jobsworths.

TDC news item


  1. Just another pathetic story from pathetic Margate Tony. The trick really is to ignore nonsense like this. You'll never change certain attitudes amongst the bureaucrats and officials.

  2. I shall not rest until these blighters see the error of their ways.

    Still even now as I comment TDC are probably employing the full apparatus of anti terrorism legislation to pick through my emails and tap my telephone calls.

  3. If the council got off their overpaid bums and actually installed litter bins and fag stubbers and actually did some work rather than just fining people (which i wont pay if i get stuffed for chucking a cig butt away) and concentrated more on actually doing something for the people of thanet then they might not have the problem in the first place - Ramsgate especially - i counted all of 2 rubbish bins in the entirity of the town and one fag stubber that wasnt attached to a pub

  4. They should hang around the pubs & clubs fining people, they'd make a fortune!

  5. I note that TDC will no longer acknowlege emails sent to them by the automated system from the 1st Sept. Does this mean that they are now getting too many complaints or simply don't have the staff or a half decent compter system to cope with taxpayers enquires....