Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dilemmas – How to respond to public abuse from “Thanet’s Premier Blogger”

I found it, a bit rich that Ramsgate’s self proclaimed “Premier Blogger” had the cheek to accuse me recently of being a two faced pillock.

Two faced indeed, in order to substantiate, the slur, a private conversation was quoted accurately or not, I could care less its the principle.

Clearly Thanet’s Premier blogger seems to have his own ethical standards, something along the lines of having his cake and eating it.

Should I respond by similarly breaking confidences, its not like me but since its less than a year since the last insinuation.


  1. Oh yes. Good idea. We wouldn't want our local blogsphere to be contaminated by relevant exchanges for too long.

  2. Tony,

    We like you because you are a real person that does need hide behind a slly Nick Name, in order to write about others.

    You are a decent and upfront person!

  3. does not need to ..ooops

  4. You will find my response to this crap here.

    Now do go and piss on someone else's chips, there's a good chap. Perhaps you could start with the ones you seem to have on both shoulders.

    Right, I'm off now to put a posting on my favourite new social networking site.

  5. I think calling you chippy is inaccurate.

    You remind me more of a large savaloy , very thin skinned and full of unhealthy matter .

    Let's face it Tone you do not have the intellect for the cut and thrust with ECR .You look a bit embarassing when you start these spats to get some publicity for your tawdry little blog.

  6. The answer to your dilemma is an easy one my friend:

    Shit or get off the pot.

  7. The truth is that ECR can dish it out but not take it.