Friday, August 07, 2009

A poignant moment before “Any Questions”

I attended the live broadcast of Radio 4’s any questions tonight. In the half hour prior to the programme being broadcast the mood was light, as the process was explained we were told that after a warm up question, there would be a pause for the news and then the show would be live.

During the pause, the tragic news that three more Paras had been killed in Afghanistan, on our behalf was relayed through speakers, putting into perspective, the somewhat superficial lives most of us lead.

In writing this I’ve no wish to trivialise the moment but mention how clearly the sense of loss, was reflected in the faces of the audience and participants of whom, some, I’m sure, like me, were hearing it for the first time.

Whatever else might divide society one thing that unifies us is the concern and respect for work done and the sacrifices made on our behalf by British soldiers.


  1. I heard it on the radio and must admit going from the news of more deaths in Afghanistan straight into a question about Ronnie Biggs seemed like the worst kind of bathos. One would have expected Afghanistan to be top of the agenda.

  2. Tony your level of pompous self regard is staggering but this time I think you have genuinely crossed the line. I think it is disgraceful that you mention the sacrifice of our soldiers at the front on a blog that rejoices in trivial, OCD, 'analysis.' As you as you sit at the BBC waiting to pump your spleen out into the world you are suddenly hit by the fact that the real world exists and real people die tragically. Why on earth do you think anyone cares what you think of this? Would it not be even more revolting if you didn't care? The fact is that every decent individual cares about this Tony - not just you, its just that most people do it in a dignified, private way. So when you parade your pathetic 'concern' on the internet we all have to wonder why...and one nauseating conclusion is that you are mentioning the death of our brave soldiers to show how 'caring' you are. That anyone could stoop so low as to use the death of brave men for their own ends is contemptible. The internet may be a good place for tweaking the tail of authority as you constantly brag about,(although to many it must appear like a little boy shouting 'look at me! Look at me everyone!)but when you start behaving like this I believe people will start to see you in your true colours. Your mask is slipping Mr Flaig and it is not a pretty sight.

  3. 4 23 Im sorry you feel that way

    Suggest you re read my comment

    Of course you dont have to read this end of

  4. did you go to the Drill Hall, me and Al went to a few radio 4 comedy broadcasts there, we could NEVER get tickets to the Marlow shows if you got in well done, brilliant.
    BTW 4.23 I didn't think Tony did make light of the deaths, and yes I think it should have been number 1, on any questions but tony as far as I know doesn't control radio 4!
    Tony is my uncle and he has a family of his own but since my mum and dad died he has done what he can for me and my brother, telling me off! driving me to airports, and my brother is in the Army, off to Afghanistan soon, he has done Iraq, Bosnia you name it he has done it, in 19 years in the Army.
    so Tony knows the problems, yes its not his son or daughter but he knows