Wednesday, February 24, 2010

YOU DID WHAT - another Kent Police Embarassment

Kent Police just like so much of the Kent public sector seems more concerned about PR than offering a proper service.

Kent Police is an occasional source of embarrassment to the people of Kent, which this time around is due to news that an Assistant Chief Constable (I believe there is more than one) has got round to apologising to DJ Alioune Haynes, four long years since colleagues had presumably decided to rough up the advisor who’d been helping the police having given several diversity talks to Kent police the month before.bouttime

Kent police are currently running a rather slick marketing programme, “you said, we did”, well I asked if Chief Constable Mike Fuller could apologise over the illegal activities of Kent police, at the Climate Change camp protest, as far as I know he didn’t and I assume he’s unlikely to.

Perhaps Kent Police authority could apologise instead or at least ask Mike Fuller assuming he hasn’t yet left for his new job at the CPS.

Anyway a fresh question, could Kent police explain why the two police officers involved in the incident looks to have been a racially motivated have not been disciplined or preferably sacked.

Most police in Kent are professional, and perhaps their job would be easier if the top management were quicker to resolve embarrassing mistakes.


  1. No Tony. No Kent Police officer is a fit person to have taken a Constable Oath.

    A Constabulary is a collective noun for a group of Constables.

    Each constable (irrespective of administrative rank) is EQUAL under the Crown. Each is an independent ministerial officer of the Crown.

    They cannot be managed in the sense you imply.

    The only direction binding on a constable is by warrant (Judicial authority). Otherwise they are not given orders but charged with duties.

    An example I was discussing with IPCC just 3 weeks ago.

    Kent Police disgraceful 45 minute response time to the shooting murder of David O'LEARY at Lydden Lodge Valley Road in March 2008

    Police had told taxi driver Mr Hussey to stay with the body and wait for police. He stood 45 minutes where the cowardly, treacherous Kent Plod themselves demonstrated their fear to tread.

    Not one manjack of a so called officer. Not one manjack of the scum who represent themselves to be police constables. Not one would say "No, if the unarmed taxi driver is there then I as an unarmed constable will go to his side for so I am sworn to my God and my Queen and that is MY independent ministerial officer of the Crown decision"

    Not one manjack Tony. Scum all.

    And there may be people who whinge if they acted in accord with the oath of office they would be sacked. So be it for the man of honour fit to take the oath of the constable.

    All scum. Not one professional amongst the sorry lot of them.

    I ask only that they do as I did (and as 22 SAS Sergeant major D'Arcy did when he was a police officer in the 60s before rejoining army) Reject unlawful direction and act in honour of the oath. Yes you get sacked, But it gives you the right to claim moral ascendancy over the scum who betray the antient office of constable.

  2. you are the expert in thesematters richard however its my belief that most officers are as honest and decent as rest of the population


    The British Constitution Group - Albert Burgess

    Checkout how they should operate ;

    unfortunately the third section also known as ' common purpose' have infiltrated all , the Chief Constable soon to be Chief Inspector of the Crown Prosecution Service is a CP graduate

  4. Once again TONY FLAIG hits the nail ont he head.