Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Introducing Lib Dem Candidate Laura Murphy

Not having the time to write my own blog tonight I have taken the liberty of lifting this posting from North Thanet Liberal Democrats candidate which is, exactly what it says it is, an Introduction of Laura Murphy and good luck to her and all other candidates in the forthcoming election.

PS I was going to detail an extraordinary conversation with a KCC functionary which was indicative of the exclusive anti-democratic attitude the main parties, anyway enough of that later.

Copied from Liberal Democrats North Thanet 1.24.24pm BST (GMT +0100) Tue 13th Apr 2010

Laura became a community campaigner when she first started as a volunteer advocate for families with special needs when her children were young. That eventually led to work with a local authority supporting families, then to running projects for the disabled to support them in finding work or training. Following that, Laura was trained to teach in an FE College before she set up her own business 6 years ago. Laura has been a trustee of a hospice charity for the last 3 years.

Laura's experience of real life, of raising a family through redundancies, fighting for education, for decent health provision, for work, ensuring elderly parents get the right support, is sorely needed in Parliament today.

She also knows what it's like trying to run a small business through difficult economic times. Laura knows that we need a vibrant local community to regenerate our town centres, provide training and employment for local residents, community support and security for our young and old.

Laura believes that it's about time the ordinary person is heard. What she's been through as a wife, mother and businesswoman has made her strong and unafraid to stand up for what is right. She wants to take that strength and use it to help other ordinary people so their voices can be heard.


  1. Are you sure she is not Iris J in drag!

  2. Anon 11.00, you may have done but at least half of the MP's in the last parliament have stuffed all of us. Dont vote for any one of them.

  3. Anon 11.00

    Laura has not been an MP so is not involved in the expenses,and therefore has never employed her Husband.
    If you do not vote at all you have no right to complain,take this opportunity to vote against the incumbant Tory MP if you feel that strong,this is your right why not use it.
    I am , and will vote for The Liberal democrats this time.

  4. Rather reminds me of a chap I met some years ago who was spouting about his experience of real life.

    He proclaimed "You may find it hard to believe but once I even had to borrow the moneyfrom my father to tax our car"

    Hardly strangling a bailliff during the miner's strike then flattening the cops who had the tenerity to come to the state bully's aid is it?

    Or being repossessed and pitching a tent on a local campsite as yer family's new home ?

    Or working on sites twelve hour shifts with no lavatory and only a bucket of cold water to wash yer hands.

    She knows diddly middle class who latched on to do goodery advocacy then public sector then token business.

  5. Google Hollie Greig

    A downs syndrome child sexually abused from the age of 6 , by , judge, police, social workers, nurses, head master, solicitors etc

    When will any councillor stand up for the down trodden abused children in this country ?

    Perhaps when this happens people will start voting for one of the LIB?LAB?CON? parties ?

  6. Filmmaker Bill Maloney was thrown out of the Leader’s Debate Question Time Special Audience

    Angry documentary filmmaker Bill Maloney was thrown out of the Leader’s Debate Question Time Special Audience for speaking about Institutional child abuse, the restraining techniques used in YOIs and government paedophile rings.

    Just moments before Question Time went live David Dimbleby introduced the panel asking each of them what they would be doing the next day. Michael Gove (Shadow Secretary of State for Children Schools and Families) said it was his wife’s birthday and Dimbleby asked if he had bought her a present to which he replied, “I actually bought her four presents”. Asked what the presents were Gove replied “A linen suit, a designer hand bag and two other presents that I’m not prepared to divulge”. Maloney shouted “Did we pay for them Mr Gove?” which raised a laugh from the panel and audience. Dimbleby concluded with Nigel Farage MEP of UKIP who made a sanctimonious remark to which Maloney shouted, “I don’t know why you’re so flippant, you’re guilty of stealing expenses the same as all the rest”. Dimbleby shook his finger and shouted at Maloney “If you are going to behave like this when we go on air I will have to tell you to leave.”

    Maloney responded by shouting “If you want me to leave David tell me to leave. Don’t talk to me like I’m a piece of shit! You’ve got an angry electorate here and you select only five questions from 150? This is a biased audience which does not represent the lower classes.”

    “I'm a documentary filmmaker and I investigate Institutional child abuse; the restraining techniques that are killing lower working class kids in Young Offenders Institutions; and paedophile rings in government that are fucking our kids! You don’t like talking about the children do you David?”
    Security was then called. As he was led out Maloney turned to the panel shouting, “I’m here about the children, not about the economy. I've got more bollocks than all of you! Shame on you!" Maloney’s wife continued by shouting "Everyone in this audience should google Hollie Greig G.R.E.I.G and realise that the government does nothing!"

    The security guards didn't lay a finger on Maloney as he was led out by the Producer - in fact the security guards looked like they wanted to pat him on the back!

    Maloney submitted two questions to the show which were not selected, one on the issue of crime:
    # Considering the government has given £840 billion to bail out the banks, how much have they spent on getting 3.5 million children out of poverty? Give the £3.4 billion promised to get children out of poverty which ‘breeds’ crime.

    The second was on the issue of institutional child abuse:
    # Considering it cost Australian taxpayers 200 million dollars for the Popes visit there in 2008, how much is the government spending on the Pope’s visit to the UK? And should we allow the Pope, whose Vatican City has the lowest age of sexual consent in Europe of only 12 years, into the country at all?

    All Maloney wanted was his questions answered, as no politicians are willing to discuss these issues.

    For further information or to arrange an interview with Bill Maloney Please contact

    Maria Maloney Tel: 07710 416470 or email:

  7. Give the Lib dem's a chance! This shouldn't be a 'safe' seat for the Tory's any more, vote for Laura.

  8. Big question should be what happened to Mark Barnard? he was selected in January and now it seems replaced with any reason why.

  9. Kentish Tory

    Do the Tories condone forced adoption or not?

    the answer is YES , do any of the other parties give a fig NO

  10. i think i may have 'had' her too

  11. Quite right 12 41 Vote Laura...........Sandys

  12. Laura Murphy states in her election leaflet "I will put local people first" and ..."work tirelessly to rejuvenate our towns"

    She is no doubt doing this by having her leaflets printed in London rather than by a local printing company.

    I want to know where she resides in Thanet and how long she has lived here?

  13. Hello Ms Murphy,
    my name is Siobhan Casha and I am a 13 year old student at Junior King's Canterbury and my school is doing a school election on the same day as the general election. I was wondering if you could give me a few pointers on what to say about the political policies of the liberal democrat party.
    If you have the time to contact me, my email address is :

    Yours sincerely

    Siobhan Casha