Sunday, April 18, 2010

Life after the election and Harmony in Europe

Hopefully the general election will see both David Cameron and Gordon Browns sidelined to History of great failures with Nick Clegg victorious but anyhow life will go on whatever the outcome, as will hopefully “Harmony in Europe”  a concert being organised by Thanet Male Voice Choir.

Details belowharmony in europe


  1. The latest polls (18/4) look good for the Libdems but the indications are with Cons loosing their share at a greater rate than lab that Thanet North will still be Tory and lab will hold on the Thanet South. Nationally it show a loose ofabout 65 seats from Lab with LibDems picking up most of them. Todays predicted seats are Cons 217, Lab 289, Libdems 115 and others 29. So its just a question of who will collude with who.

  2. What's this all about? According to the Kent Messenger - Kent tv hasn't been shut down after all. It's been bought out by KCC which is now employing the staff direct and paying them 250 grand a year. KCC has also picked up the tab for the redundancy payments for some of the staff who aren't moving over.,000-reboot-newsinkent34952.aspx

  3. Clearly KCC believe that Kent TV has transfered ownership from Ten Alps to themselves. Why else would they employ 5 staff from Ten Alps and pick up the tab for the redundancy payments due to the rest of the Kent TV Staff under a TUPE agreement? If KCC thought it was a new service then they did not have this obligation. So if KCC can run Kent TV themselves for less than £250,000 p.a, the detractors were all right along to say that KCC was wasting £600,000 p.a when cheaper alternatives were available. Two further points to make are what are the 400 staff being sacked over the next 2 years to make of KCC hiring staff for a non front line service? Second what happens when expensive contracts like the Highways contract come to an end? Do KCC pay the redundancies if Highways is taken in-house?

  4. North Thanet looks as if it is going to be a fight between the LIBDEMS and the TORIES with Labour dropping into 3rd place,that would be a turnaround and would frighten the Tories


    all MP's from all parties and councillors are trying to turn a blind eye to child abuse and dont deserve anyone's vote until they address the

    Hollie Greig case and others,
    this is international child abuse

    people must get out of their comfort zone and starting waking up to the truth

  6. Bill Maloney Award winning film director

    Jack Straw CAUGHT Lying about children in care

    Hague & Pickles get a mention, would be interesting to see what Clegg had to say ?