Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Labour and Stephen Ladyman’s great acheivements

If you’ve not had chance yet, those of you in Thanet South, which is in my case north of where I live, will no doubt be much interested to know what Stephen Ladyman has been doing for you in recent years, well the answer is plenty, to find the detail click below and you will be able to see, the not very pretty sight of a Labour candidate, clutching at straws.

Much is made of the spending on schools and medical services new and improved, but no mention of the much increased population it has to serve.

Transport is another one of those items claimed achievements, the loopy bus, roads pfizer traffic improved and one day a dual carriage way all the way into the planet Thanet assuming the money doesn’t go to pay huge government debt after Labour lose the election.

One item mentioned by the great man was the highspeed rail link, which has improved journey times a tad, although much of the infrastructure relies on the channel tunnel rail link, and it occurs to me that currently those who help build the railway are under threat.

A press release from the RMT union from last month shows, one example that workers face an uncertain future this from March 4th talking about Balfour Beatty’s plans to slash jobs

Bob Crow, RMT General Secretary, said:

“The plan to slash 160 track team leaders and track workers at Balfour Beatty Rail is a massive kick in the teeth for staff who accepted a job security package from the company as part of a new national agreement on terms and conditions just three months ago.

“This attack on track workers is the latest in an on-going assault on rail jobs that make a nonsense of the government’s stated commitments to expand and upgrade the rail network and to maintain safety standards.

Its seems that one of Labours achievements, as far as I’m concerned, is how rail workers are treated as commodities, rather than the dedicated hardworking people which they are. The rail network is effectively a nationalised industry since Network Rail is state owned and initiates contract and investment so why allow contractors to treat staff like er

Anyway this will no doubt, seem like a remote issue to Ladyman and his cohorts in local Labour, however as I understand many of those effected live in Thanet and East Kent are waiting the outcome.


  1. Mr Flaig, you are encouraging support for the Liberal Democrat Party in this Election. Great, but do you understand the principles that underpin the Party's policies? They do not include constant negative references to immigration, for example, which seems to be - through your posts here and on others' blogs - a real bee in your bonnet. Do yiou really feel you "fit" with the Lib Dems?

    Your first point in this post apears to be that the increase in medical, nursing, and teaching staff numbers over the past 13 years is way behind the general poulation increase. I think you will find that is a wildly inaccurate argument on your part.

  2. anon 12 53 yours is a cheap shot no doubt from a labour supporter

    My criticism of recent migration is the way it has resulted in abuse and exploitation of both uk nationals and migrants

    A view which is honest and fair further more I at least have the integrity to use my own name

    Yes I do feel I fit in with the Liberal Democrats I suggest you read my earlier post late last year in which I explained why I rejoined.

    Incidentally this blog is not intended to represent any political party the views are entirely my own

  3. What Ladyman forgets is the amount of money that has gone into the QEQM from the local people. The Tear appeal, the cancer appeals etc.

    Someone ought to remind him that on the North Kent line, most of the HS 1 trains are empty and dont benefit anyone in time saved.

  4. Balfour Beatty cut the jobs and then have to pay contractors huge wages to do the work. I see no saving in that but I am not an accountant. Immigration is a fact of life we all stem from somewhere else, from far away places in our ancestory. The world is a small place but because we are already settled here we dont want 'johnny foreigner' coming here to take our jobs and live in our houses.
    the fact that 200 or more years ago our long dead relatives were themselves 'johnny foreigner' escapes many.

  5. Hmm. I saw that video, which I thought was a slick propaganda effort. But are the things the Labour MP talks about his personal achievements? Does re-building a school make the school any better, or is it an excuse to erase history and reorganize an institution along exploitative corporate lines, e.g. the Marlowe Academy?

    Don makes a good point. After all, the British colonized the world, so it is only just that the world now gets the chance to colonize us...but seriously, immigration has been allowed on an unprecedented scale in this country because it provides venture capitalism with lots of cheap labour: being anti-immigration is not necessarily the same thing as being anti-immigrant.

  6. Mine was the first post here, Mr Flaig. My own politics are irrelevant. Firstly, I was questioning your ability to reconcile your anti-immigration stance with the rather different policies of the Liberal Democrat party - no reference to anyone else at all. Secondly, I was querying the basis for your assertion that the increase in the general population is way ahead - presumably percentage wise - of the increase in the numbers of teaching, medical and nursing staff. I notice you have ignored that, so presumably it was a baseless assertion and challenge on your part. This is my gripe with so many political commentators - the construction of a spurious argument around false analysis.

    And please don't fall back on the weary old chestnut of "anonymous blogging". You don't carp when they agree with you, so don't carp when they don't. And don't presume to say that I - or any other anonymous blogger - lacks integrity. That is outrageous. If you don't want anonymous posts, block them.

  7. anon 8 35 you and Labour treat ordinary people with contempt, the point to some extent was the superficiality of Labours acheivment and no connection with people hence Browns recent outburst

  8. Mr Flaig, you have no basis whatsoever for that remark. I do not treat people with contempt, but how the hell would you know anyway? Clearly when pressed to evidence your rather wild claims and opinions, you can't. Fine. At least we all know.

    I am beginning to see why so many local bloggers have heaped scorn on you. I always thought they were being unfair, but I am seeing more clearly now.

  9. Anon 11 43 your contempt is matched only by your ability to bore bully and patronise

    Which reminds of Labour leaders similarly challenged by members of public who dare to think and question

  10. Tony, I do think you're being a little unfair here - Thanet south has improved much over the years and continues to do so. So too has the NHS, so too have the local schools and so too has the transport infrastructure of the area.

    You may choose to view life through a half empty glass, it's your right, but I suspect you'll not be content in 4 year's time whoever runs the place and whatever happens to it.

  11. Thanet South improved?
    Leave it out!
    High Street....Gone. Tourists....Gone....

    I have lived here for 40 years and when my sister comes to visit from America she shes how run down the area has become.

  12. It is clearly not worth exchanging views with you Mr Flaig. You have fixed, pre-conceived ideas, you have no regard for fact, and you become insulting when anyone points these traits out to you. You possess none of the qualities of a Liberal Democrat.

  13. anon 8:11

    I am happy in the belief that I fit with the Liberal Democrats,

    Your earlier point, you seem fixated, just so you understand

    "The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no-one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.

    Please no more silly comments

  14. The Liberal Democrats have a rich history, and perhaps a rosy future. There is nothing silly about that. Criticism of your unsubstantiated rants and resorting to insults when your rants are questioned is also not silly. But hey, it's your blog; enjoy wallowing in it.