Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What to do on a day off – take a walk

I did the blog thing first yesterday, then surfed the internet, the rest of the morning, going out in the afternoon for a stroll.

I must say that since that big fire last year, Northdown Road looks about as depressing as is possible, without an earthquake or other catastrophe, not even the odd specialist food shops that open from time to time seem to improve the look of the road.

Its almost unimaginable how Cliftonville has changed since my childhood or even the last twenty years.

Taking a gander at Margate Sea front, the Turner Contemporary now dominates the area and looks quite impressive shrouded in black with scaffolding all round, I have a suspicion that the finished article may not look anywhere near as impressive once the cladding is fitted.margate gallery

This blog was born in 2006 as a result of the original Turner debacle and all the machinations of the arts wallahs, Kent council etc, its astonishing to think that this will not now open until sometime in 2011.

I took a wander into Droit House, which despite the door being open was not er open, still I did briefly get to say hello to Victoria Pomeroy, Turner Contemporary Director and I’m assuming soon to be occupier of the most expensive office in East Kent once the buildings complete, since a big chunk of the building is office space at the top of the gallery building.

Anyhow Victoria was kind enough to remind me that the Great Tracy Emin will be in town later this week to unveil her latest work, which will be a neon sign saying something like er “I’m from Margate, I never forgot I had choice and got the first train outta here” or something like that.

Still as understand the great lady will be in town on Friday if I heard Victoria correctly, taking a quick gander of her bio on Wikipedia it seems this will not be the first neon work by the esteemed artist. Just out of curiosity I wonder whether Tracy actually makes the signs herself or whether manufacture is subcontracted like that Damien Hirst bloke.

Still after that thought, on looking at twitters from Tom Betts of yourfannit, twittering about our council bunging 4 mill I think in the direction of Jimmy Godden who has done so much in this area, to buy up Dreamland land so Margate may yet revive its tacky but prosperous neon lit sea front, more work for our Tracy if the art business takes a dive.

Back to business in the next post. Finally I wonder when Turner Contemporary will get around to announcing details of its opening and please god, they have stuff that will appeal to normal people and not just arts council crazies.

PS A final finally, I just noticed I’ve been at this blogging malarkey for more than 4 years, I wonder if I make to 5 probably not.


  1. keep up the good work Tony. I cant wait for the gallery to open and agree the building looks good down there.

  2. Tony, you could read the local news stories like:

    Following a high-level meeting with BBC chiefs in London Geoff Clark was claiming unfair dismissal and age discrimination - the situation has been resolved. Clark has taken on a new role as a weekend presenter local radio.

    Or why cllr Carter has been ordered to keep his mouth shut. This must be a first!

  3. You must carry on. Looking forward to your musings about Emin. Apparently she wants a government-led inquiry as to why has failed in recent times!

  4. as to why Margate has failed. Apologies.