Monday, November 01, 2010

Labour Black Propaganda – Polly Toynbee's poor taste slur? - Ramsgate Mayor must be joking surely?

Labour having failed to convince the British public they had anything to offer only a few months ago, look to be thrashing around like a wounded animal, lashing out wildly, replacing policy with a tirade of abuse and misinformation, in the last week Labour have pointed to the change in housing benefit, referring to it as cleansing, the reference apparently intended to conjure images of ethnic cleansing, ought to viewed as an inexcusable use of black propaganda.

The idea that people like you and I ought to pay any price requested by welfare claimants for accommodation is ultimately an attack on working people particularly the low paid, many of the people I know, will typically work 60 plus hours a week, just to earn a living wage, live in digs, see partners and kids every other week, to make ends meet, could anyone from the Labour party or "journalists" like Polly Toynbee who last week came up with this outrageous slur "the Tories have a final solution for the poor" explain  to those of us living outside London why we should pay welfare claimants to live in posh London boroughs.

Ramsgate Mayor David Green, takes up the issue in his blog of predatory, interest rates charged to those on low incomes by finance companies, and good on him, its wrong, I couldn't agree more but David Green goes on about shaming the coalition government to do more than they are, and I just wondered and asked this question of him on his web site why the hell didn't the Labour party in government for 13 years do anything, you must think we are idiots?

A simple question I just wonder if he can give a simple straight answer, I mean the Labour party could invade Iraq, bring in ID cards, end free education, attack civil liberties, but not deal with consumer credit?

As I say Labour are wounded (mostly self inflicted ) and lashing out rather than come up with any answers, perhaps if David Green's so worried about the poor he could stop wearing the mayoral chains and flog them off and fund food parcels to the poor of Kensington, Chelsea, Mayfair etc. at which point I'll start taking him seriously.


  1. The Tory Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, famously referred to "Kosovo-style social cleansing" as a consequence of the Housing Benefit changes in a radio interview last week. So it is not just a view that has been expressed by the Labour Party. I am surprised that you have not painted the whole, accurate picture in your blog.

    I wonder if you are also trying to deflect attention from the woes of the Coalition, and especially what looks like another cynical deception on their part. Having lambasted Labour over civil liberties, and what your Party and the Tories have argued are unnecessary and inappropriate anti-terrorism measures, it seems that the view is that those measures must remain because of the current aircraft bombs. Could it be that Labour were right?

    It must worry you that your Party, and the Tories to whom you act as poodles, are struggling with these difficult decisions, and, again, going back on promises and pledges. In this case, it is the whole Coalition, not just your part of it, that is breaking its word.

    And no, I am not a Labour activist of any kind - before you respond with that cheap shot.

  2. Cheers labour apologist, re boris he is the equivalent of ken livingstone and spent some effort side stepping the hole he created

    Labour have gone mad dog it's plain to see, locally we see Labour attacking working peoplle, housing etc

    David Green has attacked the coalition on consumer credit ignoring the fact that his own party did little in government with quite a few parliamentary colleges effectively stealing tax payers money rather than worry about those on low wages,

    I m looking forward to RAMSGATE mayors reply I suspect it won't come easy if at all

  3. Plans to end the injustice whereby some people on benefits were able to live in luxury housing way beyond the means of most working folk, were included in the Labour party's election manefesto. Hence they proposed to cap housing benefit anyway so it is not just a Coalition thing.

    It is also a bit off for Cllr Green to attack the government over loan sharks when Labour themselves took no action on the matter when in office for thirteen years.

    Please, lets have a show of hands from all those in favour of paying higher taxes out of their hard earned income to support some non-working, frequently immigrant, family to live in Mayfair or Belgravia in a £2,000,000 plus house. Utter and complete madness and totally unsupportable regardless of what Boris or Red Ken might say on the issue!

  4. The point, Bluenote, was Mr Flaig attacking Labour - again - when his Coalition Partner's london Mayor was the one who referred to social cleansing. Whether he (Johnson) is a barnpot or not and whether he sought to back-pedal or not is hardly the point.

    And "apologist"...? Just think what has happened to all of those who were Tory apologists in 1997.

  5. North Thanet MP Roger Gale (Con) has written to housing minister Grant Shapps and employment minister Chris Grayling to address the situation.

    He said: "I absolutely endorse the fundamental policy to curtail housing benefits - it's offensive for people who are working and paying taxes to pay for accommodation they can't afford to have themselves.

    "Having said that, I remember in the early 1980s we had the ‘dole-on-sea' phenomenon when people moved from inner city London to live in bed and breakfasts and poorer accommodation by the sea where they would remain unemployed.

    "We can't let that happen again."

  6. Anon 12:39 PM

    Last time I looked, Boris Johnson was not a member of the Coalition government but London Mayor and very much his own person, as Ken Livingstone was before him. Neither would be regarded by many as stating party policy and, indeed, hasn't Ken just supported the candidate Labour expelled in the election for Mayor of Tower Hamlets. All parties have their mavericks.

    My point was that, regardless of who had been elected, there would have been, and quite rightly, a cap on housing benefit.

    As for your point about what happened to Tory "apologists" in 1997, I am afraid you completely lost me. You win some and lose some, so what. What we want is good sensible governance and, sadly, we don't seem to get it too often whoever wins.

    At least this time we have a majority government even if it is not what any of us voted for. Good training for PR or AV I guess and even the leader of Labour is now most peoples second or third choice. Weird!!

  7. For the record, I think that Labour did not do anything like enough concerning loan sharks. Probably one small reason amongst many that our working class vote collapsed over the years.
    We allowed the overall climate against regulation to take hold. Egged on by the Tories and Libs who wanted less regulation, not more.
    But then was then, and now is now. This is an opportunity to act no, why not suport it?

  8. Cllr. Green, as I have advised you elsewhere, I have no problem with supporting any action to curb loan sharks and excessive rates of interest.

    My problem with your article was that you implied the coalition government were uncaring and not doing anything about the problem. That, you must surely admit, is a bit rich when they have only been in office five months whilst your party had thirteen years to address the problem.

    Then is then and now is now is not acceptable when you are using the situation to try and make political capital.

  9. It would be interesting to know how many MP's/councillors are also landlords making a pretty penny off of these rents?

    Why not cap the rents rather than discriminate against the poor ?

    I dont remember anyone voting for a coalition government not that it really matters the government always gets in.

  10. David I know you have a keen sense of humour confirmed by the following suggestion of yours "

    "We allowed the overall climate against regulation to take hold. Egged on by the Tories and Libs who wanted less regulation, not more.

    That is the most laughable in long time. keep em coming David

    Sadly as you and I know, Labour did nothing of consequence to help working people, particular not low earners.

    And despite all the condem slurs I'm sure like all Lib Dems my belief in social justice is as strong as any, Labour had everything going for it and screwed up, now in the chaos its making the most of the situation

  11. Mr Flaig, who introduced the national minimum wage - a move that was opposed by many in the Party with whom you now share a bed?

  12. Boring stuff as my wife would call bitching and back biting. Mr Green when I was in sales I learnt nobody aproves of you knocking the other guy, We, as a nation are in a mess parttly due to the recession/bankers etc but mainly down to Government miss management. I doubt it would have been much different whoever was in power, but seeing as it was Labour they must take the flack.

  13. The government is ruled by the International Bankers the reason Boris is so independent is because he operates within the city of London which basically is a law unto itself don't beleive me do your research ?

  14. Talking of Labour's black propoganda there seems to be both milking misfortune and intrigue afoot in Labour circles at the moment.

    Despite the fact that the conviction and sentencing of a local councillor is already in the public domain, Dave Green sees fit to rub in the message on his blogspot making sure the word 'Tory' is prominient.

    Are we to believe that no Labour politician has ever fallen foul of the law and aren't three former Labour MPs currently facing charges over the expenses scandal. Generally this sort of thing should be left to the sensation seeking media and be beneath our political representatives, especially one who is appointed town mayor.

    Then we have all the mystery and intrigue surrounding the rumoured deselection of Councillor Mark Nottingham. Once a shining light of local Labour politics, one who works for the party in his day job and has been reported to have parliamentary candidacy ambitions is now, suddenly, persona non grata it would seem. Surely the good people of Newington who support Labour have a right to know why.

    Then, of course, the Labour mouthpieces are too busy trying to make capital out of another man's fall from grace because he is a Tory.

    'Disgrunted of Ramsgate'

  15. Policiticans of whichever Party should operate to high standards and should not take the electorate for idiots. If Nottingham has been de-selected, the public should be told why. But look at the local precedents.

    After allegedly sending a racist email, Latchford - yes a Tory - in Birchington said he would not be standing in the last elections for "family reasons". A couple of weeks later, he was cleared of being a racist and carried on standing. Why lie to the public?

  16. Sorry 12.36, I think David Green is quite right to post about a local Councillor who has broken the law. Ewen Cameron was an elected member of a Party that has always prided itself on upholding the law and traditional values. Drunk-driving is a serious offence. Cameron put people's lives at risk as soon as he got behind the wheel. Moreover, he has shown the sort of hypocrisy that is all too often a feature of the politician.

  17. 1:49 PM I would like to think that all political parties, not just the Conservatives, pride themselves on supporting the rule of law. Unfortunately, from time to time, black sheep emerge in all parties and that is a matter of public interest.

    My point is that public interest is best served by the media and not by other politicians seeking to make capital out of matter.

    The offender in this case has quite rightly been tried, found guilty and sentenced. As such he will be debarred from holding public office and that is as it should be. Ultimately, however, he should be allowed to rebuild his life and atone for his sins in some privacy. Not to be forever reminded by the warped minds of the left that he was a Tory offender.

  18. Directly people get into any position of power, whether it be Parliament or Council they treat the people they are supposed to be representing as idiots, no brainers. Will voters ever believe anything that they are told in any parties manifestos again, so many broken promises. I wonder how much it cost to let us know of the Transparency Internationals findings on corruption among MP's. They could have found out by asking twenty people in the High Street.

  19. I was with you, Anon 443, and your seemingly sensible post until the "warped minds of the left" jibe. What a shame you blues cannot argue without insult, threat (from others) or lies.

  20. Anon 6:08 - Did not the debate originate from Cllr Green (Labour) seeking to make capital out of a Tory councillor falling from grace.

    Unfortunately the political sniping gets to us all causing others of different persuassion to retaliate.

    Only today we learn that a former and, until yesterday, current Shadow Minister has been found guilty of electoral offences whilst an 'honourable' member has been caught brawling in the corridors of power.

    Standards are not what we should expect and such contact should be condemned irrespective of party. Nonetheless, I take your point about about sinking to the level of our politicians and will endeavour to make future comment more apolitical in future.

    Trust you will note that I did not mention the names or party of the two most recent disgraces masquerading as our parliamentary representatives. I will leave that point scoring to Dave Green!

  21. Or you can leave it to "Doctor" Moores whose posts on his "seemingly unpopular" blog seem to be entirely political point scoring these days - like they ever weren't. Or tales of his personal achievements and those of his apparently highly accomplished forebears.