Thursday, February 10, 2011


bob bayfordTHE PUBLIC SECTOR IS BANKRUPT! Its also worth reminding ourselves that the public sector is financed by taxpayers.

I mention this because both Conservative councillors including leader Cllr Bob Bayford  and council officers, need to be reminded just who pays the bills, as they seek to keep us in the dark about how and on what, they often fritter our money away.

I've had indications that officers at Thanet Council, have had, significant enhancements in redundancy payments or arrangements, Matt B of Thanet Star is suggesting that  the Chief Executive has been awarded £230,000.

Now I've heard bluster,  that this is a fiction, Christine Tongue a local film maker has been asking questions, and sent this

"TV Choice" <> 10/02/2011 11:10 >>>

Dear TDC representatives

I have read on this blog site - link below-  about the amounts Richard Samuel is receiving to leave TDC. Is someone able to confirm whether this blog article is correct or not, please? Are the payments and salaries in the public realm anywhere?

Best wishes
Christine Tongue

Cheryl Pendry Replied


I can confirm that the figures quoted in the Thanet Star article are wildly inaccurate. The facts in the article were not checked with the council prior to publication.

The council does not publish individual information about staff members. The exception to this is that the council is required to publish salaries of its senior management team and these can be found here:



Cheryl Pendry
Press and Media Manager
Thanet District Council


A key point Cheryl mentions  "the exception"  "senior management team" surely that's Richard Samuel Chief Exec.


Well at Kent county level, auditors, revealed that Conservative KCC had forgotten or simply not mentioned payments in excess of £200,000 pounds to keep former Chief Exec Peter Gilroy on for an extra year, of course no one would suggest that Tories were engaged in a cynical game of covering up another negligent waste of money.

No one begrudges, sensible payments to staff, particularly those at the lower levels, but stuffing up pension pay offs etc for top knobs is not on.

Until TDC comes clean with the facts, they can only expect more "widely inaccurate" reports in local blogs or what some of think might be closer to the truth than we are being told.

I look forward to Cheryl Pendry  of TDC PR, promptly sending out a clear and concise fact sheet detailing arrangements for senior officers.


  1. Keep knocking the Conservatives at KCC and TDC, Tony, and you will have Clive Hart, Iris Johnson and Kay Dark running Thanet before long. Then you really will have something to blog about.

    Pay offs, are governed by statuatory and contractual employment rules. They are not at the whim of councillors.

  2. Amen. A good reminder of who works for who is rather in order I think. It seems rather suspect that they are keeping mum even now. Just to clarify: my sources tell me that the pay off itself is £200,000 and the £30,000 is a bonus for staying on to help with the election. (I trust my sources).

  3. So, they're complaining that Matt didn't check his facts with them but they're also saying that they wouldn't tell him anyway? OK......

  4. Is this not the same "Bob Bayford" who told everyone that he wanted his council to be the most transparent and customer focussed council ever ?

    This guy has more faces than a swiss clock factory.

  5. 8 42 try getting your act together you and your tory colleagues have made some spectacular **** ups , thanks Matt,

    8 49 a point I was going to make but forgot

  6. Exposing the truth about the 'Conservatives at KCC and TDC'is not inviting any of the rest of the useless parasites to run the'trap & pony show' commonly deluded to as democracy.

    Most normal people just want the truth and the corrupt ousted, we have to draw a line somewhere.

    Where Is Your Line In The Sand?

  7. The first comment says it. Redundancy and statutory employment payments are nothing to do with councillors and parties. And just because Matt, believes a made-up figure that someone told him and that the council say is wildly innacurate why would you believe him?

  8. 7 54 why wouldn't you believe MATT over the council machine it is certainly true that some officers have given wrong info to the public in relation to requests for facts and at county level quite a bit misdirecting has taken place over officer pay

  9. The council tax in Britain is extortionate compared to mainland Europe, why the hell do we put up with it?

    I would hazard a guess that the toxic assault and televisual brainwashing that we are subjected to has us so repressed that we will put up with anything.

    Good work Matt and Tony!

  10. Why don't all you knowledgeably critics run for the council and show us how it is done. But then you probably will not do that so think very carefully. You tend to reap what you sow and the alternatives could be a lot worse.

  11. 10:40, I prefer the solution of mass non-compliance until this rotten system collapses. It is a scam, a ponzi scheme and without our co-operation it will fall like a house of cards.

    Get informed, get involved.

  12. 10.40

    Councillors - a completely useless sector that serves only to give them a job to keep them busy so the whole scam can continue.

    MP's are Wardens of the ward.
    (do some research)

    The coverups can only occur with their help.

    No one is being fooled any longer !

  13. OK, you enlighted soul, so we all non comply and nobody pays any taxes. What then? No services, no toilets, no dustbins emptied, no social housing, no elderly care, in fact, none of the things everybody is always complaining we do not get enough of.

    Time I think for you to wake of to the reality of the people not being fooled anymore. If there are any fools around here I am afraid it is you with your dreams of civil disobedience and revolution. Even if you got it you can be no means certain you would not finish up on the guillotine yourself. Happy days, eh!

    Get real for at least the councillors try to make a contribution whilst many of those who complain are simply parasites.

  14. Oh I wish you lot would get a life (or maybe a Job) so you will stop being parasites and start to contribute toward the society that you whinge about!

  15. 4 38 Thanks for that input, a finer comment I'm sure will not grace these pages, conservative air head thinking at its most stupid.

    Im sure I am not the only contributor who goes to work pretty much every day and thinks Tories in Kent and Thanet are abysmal custodians of public money.

    I'm sure just taking part in debate like this is a contribution to society, if your Tory colleagues were more honest and open life would be so much better for all of us.

  16. 3:27, I'm surprised you didn't throw Zimbabwe in there somewhere, Bluenose.

    The way the job market is right now, if one is fortunate enough to find a part time job at minimum wage, it will take nigh on 30 years to earn £230,000.

    Who's the parasite?

  17. Bluenose, who mentioned anything about revolution? It's your lot that start revolutions, looks like you've come unstuck this time in N. Africa though, too many people know the score, lol.

    No... it will be more like unmasking the shouty man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz... you know who I mean.

  18. 9:31 & 3:39 seem to be referring to me, or at least by their silly corrupted version of my blogging name, yet I do not recall contributing to this debate.

    True I deplore all this 'the people have had enough nonsense' but it would seem that I am not alone in such sentiments.

    Please try in future to direct your responses to the right quarter if that is not too difficult for you.

  19. Anon 3:39 PM

    Excuse the query but what do you feel the uprising in Egypt has achieved for 'THE PEOPLE.'

    It is estimate that something like 7% of the Egyptian population turned out to demonstrate. What about the other 93%? Maybe they were happy the way things were.

    OK, so the president has gone but, the army have taken over. Is that somehow an improvement or will it ensure more freedom? Military rule does not seem to have done too much for Burma. Come to that, what did the revolution in Russia do for the peasants. They got stuffed by the new regime even more so than they had been by the Tsar.

  20. Some of the comments are confusing statutory redundancy pay which is capped from this week at the number of week you are entitled to multiplied by £400. So a person over 40 with 10 years service, earning £100K a year would get the same as a man earning £20K a year, in this case £6000 top wack.
    The council like any private company can pay what it likes but in the case of the council it must demonstrate to the Audit Commission that it is value for money.
    In the case of the chief exec since he is comming up to retirement age soon the council must treat carefully. Yes they will have to publish the size of the payment but not until after the may election.
    The other point to remember is that the council could buy extra years into the chief exec's pension pot and that could be why the figure of £200k is not acurate. There are other benifits that can be given to a redundant person like continuing health care etc. What you need is an FOI asking for the total package planned details but I am sure depending on when its paid you will have to wait until at least May.

  21. 5:52, It's a bit off topic and not fair to Tony to go into long winded explanations on this post. My point, to Bluenose, was that all revolutions are started for and by the globalist bankers, with the aim of further consolidation of power, but this one seems to be not going as smoothly as planned... because people are no longer in the dark where global politics are concerned.

    This may explain why North Africans are rioting over food:

  22. Statuatory redundancy pay is just a minimum employers can pay. There are also contractual obligations and it should be remembered that public sector deals are much more favourable than the statuatory level.

    I am sure, particularly in the present financial climate, the council will not pay anymore than they are obliged to within the rules.

  23. Anon 7:21, why do you persist with referring to me by childish names. It discredits your own argument and takes you to the level of the playground. However, with that level in mind, remember that 'sticks and stones' and all that so you persist with your silliness if it amuses your timy mind.

    Oh, and your revolutionary theories are still nonsense.

  24. The problem is not that some choose is that those who observe the evil actions choose to do nothing about it...

    council tax is not lawful and never has been we have all been lied too about virtually everything

    the slave plantation days are coming to and end the game is up

  25. Slavery by consent

  26. Message for the uniforms and dark suits

    How many of you, had a grandfather,who laid down his life in battle to protect his family and ordinary good people,from people like YOU ???

  27. I better burn all my suits and uniforms then because the revolting slaves are about to come and get me.

    Couple of queries though, for how do you tell the slaves who are revolting from the folk who ain't? Also, if council tax is illegal, why has no one challenged it in the courts?

  28. Anon 1:46, surely the grandfather who died in battle wore a uniform. My grandfather wore a uniform in the 1914-18, my father in the 1939-45 and I in several lesser skirmishes since. Are we the goodies or the baddies in your scheme of things for you have left me confused?

    You will not, of course, answer for you never do and I suspect that is because, for all your calls for revolution, you actually do not know which side you are on yourself.

  29. Politics attracts corrupt people. So far nobody has proven this opinion wrong, or even inaccurate. If we are looking to others, like politicians to get stuff right or do the right thing by us, then we just haven’t grown up. Politics itself produces nothing at all, & politicians contribute nothing to the quality of your life or my life. They do take stuff though. It’s funny that to date, no politician has called at my door.

  30. Anon 11:27, politics is the science and art of governance and any society, throughout the history of man, has had some form of it. Someone has to take decisions for the group.

    Politicians, by definition, are those skilled in the science and art of governance and this, maybe, is where the problem lies. Not in politicians themselves but in those we elect to represent us not necessairly being truly skilled in those arts.

    As there are good and bad in all professions and trades, the condemnation should not be directed at all by definition or name but at those who do not perform to the required standard.

    Similarly, everything cannot be defined by production for without management there is no shop floor.

    This is too heavy, and it is lunchtime, so I'm off.

  31. We don't elect our political leaders, Bluenose, they are selected by the establishment and will need to be of an acceptable bloodline. Then, having undergone a thorough grooming (indoctrination) by Mi5, will then be paraded in front of the Bilderbergers for approval by remainder of the global power elite prior to being elected (lol) by the bamboozled British public.

    Nor do they represent us... you've been watching too much 'Question Time' old fruit.

    Dodgy Dave gives gynormous tax break to the banks and corporations with another nail in the coffin of the middle and working classes.

  32. I try to inject a bit of sense and define politics and you come back with utter garbage. Sorry but as far as you and I are concerned this debate ends here.

  33. Cut Benefits to Bankers, Not Public Services (One Good Cut)

    should also include a great number of useless public (servants) MP's/Councillors as well to be totally effective !