Monday, February 14, 2011

Plenty to say, just not the time and fox looks on as I forage for food

Hi plenty to say and not the time to say it, hopefully I shall update you,  tomorrow night just a quick note on council payoffs,  its clear, that there is more than Thanet Council would wish to place in the public domain and frankly the council suggestions of wildly inaccurate statements is almost as wildly inaccurate as Matt B over on Thanet Star. In the middle lies the truth. Keep up the good work Matt.
Also some thoughts on Labour Boss Clive and Labour bod Mark Nottingham, and what Clive needs to do, before Labour is reduced locally to a complete laughing stock.
Anyway this stuff doesn't construct itself and I need to earn a crust, so great ideas I have as drive into work, often have to go on the back boiler, for a couple of days, generally I jot a quick note on my smart phone using evernote which is then available on any other device, to be hammered into another post of middle age angst.
Still my top priority any morning is, getting breakfast, which generally consist of a cup of coffee and a bacon roll, this morning as walked the short trip to the cafe/bistro, I had the sensation of being stared at, looking up, a fox was giving me a critical stare, it moved as our eyes connected but guessing it was inquisitive, I casually sorted out the camera app on the phone, knowing that it would be looking down on me from the railway track above, hence the blurry photo at the top, taken a few seconds later, and hence damn  all of any consequence to blog about, till next time.


  1. An interesting little post to kick off the week with several topics to ponder. Whether its council payoffs, Labour's local hierachy, the world food situation or Britain's wildlife it is all there if anyone wants to build a thread.

    It will be even more interesting to see what comments result and you will be able to pick the reds from the blues on whether they go for pay offs or the Hart/Nottingham saga.

    The greens will no doubt get all foxy whilst the vegans and animal rights activists will question Tony's choice of sliced piggy breakfast bun. Nice one, Tony.

  2. I am with the fox followed by Bacon Sanies or maybe the sarnie just pips it for me as for Hart v Motty and council pay off etc pale into insignificance when food is concerned and wildlife always beats hum drum stuff.

  3. Should we even being paying council tax, is it unlawful, let alone fat cats payoffs ?

    very interesting times ahead

    The Cat Is Out Of The Bag Again

  4. If it is unlawful why don't you set us all a good example and stop paying council tax. Then you can find out if the court agrees with you when you are sued.

    If, as I suspect, you do not have the courage of your convictions then why not do us all a favour and stop your mindless prattle on these pages.

  5. Nice pic Tony and thanks for putting me on evernote as well.