Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kent Spending out of control as they make cuts

Kent council rarely inspires confidence in matters financial, particularly under Paul Carter's Tory administration.

Today's Kent on Sunday front page makes grim reading, it's been clear for many years that KCC has been over staffed and as inevitable cuts are being made, it's suggested by the taxpayers alliance that some redundancy payments will be overgenerous

No surprise really, unfortunately those in the private sector generally get just the legal minimum.

Perhaps KCC are expecting a windfall from Iceland, I wouldn't put Kent Tories in charge of the kitty for tea and biscuits let alone sliming down the counties fat cats.

Still what do I know and it's only money, ours! that's being given away.


  1. You could always move to a county where the county council part of the tax bill is less than in Kent but you wont find many. Maybe move to Northampton and save £17 on a band D propeerty.

  2. Iceland doesn't have our money Tony, it has long since been divvied up and squandered by the Goldman Sachs mob.

    As for top echelon redundancy payments; I'd sooner see them clapped in irons.

  3. Judging by the quantity of comments I'd say you didn't have much support here

  4. "No surprise really, unfortunately those in the private sector generally get just the legal minimum."

    And so do the vast majority of the public sector mate, just ask the 90 public sector employees at Thanet College who are currently at risk of redundancy what sort of "gold plated package" they've been offered!

  5. Please listen to this elderly but extremely brave young at heart, respectable man, telling the truth. This is something you will never hear from any council.

    Is this what KCC master plan bases itself on ???

    Can think of some who just need a moustache added and you wouldnt be able to tell the difference ?

    Europes New Fuhrer - by Harry Beckhough WW II Codebreaker

  6. 1 oclock I appreciate that not all public sector workers are handled generously but certainly KCC has been very kind to it's top knobs in the past.

    As far as thanet college is concerned I'd be angry in a situation, in which three million has been spent on an aborted project and be asking those responsible why?

  7. 12:36, Very interesting and informative clip from Mr. Beckhough. It appears that, by putting a blue blood in the driving seat rather than an expendable loser like Hitler, they are expecting success this time... lol, we'll see about that!

    Mr. Beckhough neglects to mention however, and I can understand why, that the British establishment were squarely behind Hitler's rise to power or that, operationally, they are steering the current situation as well, from the Citadel of London.

    Mind you, go back several generations and the German ancestries of the 'British Establishment' are there for all to see... so there you go.

  8. German and Anglo-Saxon common ancestry goes further than just the upper crust as it were. The indigenous English are much more the natural allies and cousins of Germans than probably any other peoples.

    Perhaps we should bear that in mind when accusing the establishment of pro-German sympathy. In our genes many of us white-English are mainly from German stock.

  9. Agreed 11:01, but this 'upper-crust' shower are a lot more recent, ± 200 years, and they are only in it for their own greedy selves, with their endless deceit and mind-control trickery.

    The rest of us, whether English or German, just want to be left alone... fat chance of that!

  10. Hardly matters how recent or distant if it is in your genes. Mind you, whether called English or German, we both have a tendency to march to the drums when they beat. Hence I am not sure about your claim that all we want is to be left alone.

    We may indeed want our privacy but heaven help anyone who dares to infringe it. Worse still, we even take it with us where ever we go.