Wednesday, February 23, 2011

If only I had something worth twittering

I'm filled with admiration, every time I take a gander at Cllr Clive Harts (local Labour leader) twitter stream, if only I had such an eventful life, certainly rarely anything as exciting as todays  "Morning in office - TDC budget. Also helped Salmestone councillors with their ward newsletter. Afternoon meeting with UNITE representatives." or yesterdays which included this phrase "Pulled myself together "

So hopefully coming soon to the world of micro blogging will be Cllr Clive Hart saying something like this on twitter " Having pulled self together, met Northwood councillors, apologised, resigned, went for a swim.

I'm not sure " My day - shower, WORK, read papers, thought a bit, HOME big cat poo mid-carpet cowpat? Crikey! MR PUSS! dinner blogged a bit, went to bed" would be as inspirational. That's why I generally use it just for notification purposes that I posted another long winded blog.

Still with twitter you can, sort of fill in the gaps, however the most intriguing thing with Clive's micro blog is what he doesn't touch on, like that "resignation" or indeed publishing something which refutes his comrades accusations?


  1. When is Hart goiing to resign? Maybe he is like gaddafi nnot goinng till the body count is high enough.

    I know Mr Puss endorsess Thanet Cats in Crisis but can he give a comment of those cats over there that BARK? surely he must have a comment

    I twitter my mates free ads site trying to generate google ad income for him.

  2. twitter more like witter , would be better if they all resign on mass

  3. Can we have a Clive Hart imaginary twitter competition?

    'Had excellent 1 to 1 with Kay Dark,scared Bayford will say nasty things about me at Council meeting tonight, went for a swim.'

    Prize a signed photo of the great man himself??

  4. Excellent suggestion 8:15

    Don Mr Puss does not comment on individual cases particularly if they bark

    Please more suggestion of tweeds for Clive

  5. anon 15:00
    Is clive Hart still Leader? I thought he was going to resign, still its nice to hear he had "a thought" that must be a first,I expect he can expect some comments at Council, would love to be a fly on the wall!! Still no doubt Iris will give him his orders before Council and expect she will play the Gallery.
    Is Mark Nottingham going to be there or has he been ordered to stay away, it will be interesting to know.
    Clive as had been said before you are the weakest link "goodbye", give Labour a chance in May stay away do us all a favour, you are aa yesterdays man

  6. Hmm, methinks you're being a twittery bit harsh on Cllr Hart...

    Of course he's resigning. How could you doubt the integrity and 'unblemished record' of such a man?

    It just takes a long time to climb down with a backpack full of apologies when you've set yourself on a pedestal that high. And just because he swims regularly, doesn't mean he's any good at abseiling!

  7. LoL Tony, was that mention of 'tweed' a little Freudian slip?

    Excellent idea, I'm sure they need politicians in the Outer Hebrides and there's plenty of exposed places to set up a pedestal or two...

    or how about moving here...
    Hart of Mull (
    for a little less exposure and a place to tweet to his Hart's content? I hear the opportunities for a daily swim are good too...

  8. Matt B from 'Thanet Star' tweeted this recently:
    'Given what has been sent in to me now I truly recommend that @CliveHart take note of the Thanet Star open letter and reply.'

  9. 9 21 tweed was a combination of spell check and my dyslexia

  10. From Clive's twitter "Nightmare last night about Mark so went for a swim this morning with Kay. Coalition have cut the water from the pool. Looked in the mirror and decided Thanet needs me, Kay and Iris need me and I need me."

  11. I hear Clive Hart has resigned as Leader time for a Black armband

  12. If only you had something worth blogging Tony.

  13. Latest tweet
    Day in Labour office printing newsletters. Short break to meet TDC Housing Officers. Now to Westgate Pavillion for meeting ref. Margate FC.

    Hmmmmmmmm obviously the Labour group dont believe in spending money with local printers. Thats the Socialist way to help the local economy you know. Get money keep it and sod the rest. Still after the resignation or is that revolution brothers THINGS WILL BE DIFFERENT

  14. Such a tough life, if only he had a proper job. It looks like with all of his activities he is quite able to do work of some sort. Maybe the new government initiatives will sort him out.

  15. Clive has obviously got more answers to give how he can lead his champagne lifestyle and not be in work, surely not on benfits as fit ans able swimmer and gym attendee, so we all await his answers to Mark, now to his lifestyle and his promise to resign, who will receive the signed Photo of himself which adorns the door to his TDC Office,perhaps the trustees will fund a statue to him to be erected in a suitable place or a blue plaque, such greatness must remain for posterity

  16. "off to Council meeting shortly. Will resign as Leader if Mark is there sitting with Labour Group. Important I keep my unblemished record of honesty."

  17. 6 11 Mark was and no surprise Clive didn't

    Had to leave b4 meeting ended someone has to get up before dawn to earn a crust

  18. Mark at Council sitting behind his "Leader", Alan Poole in todays Thanet gazette joining the fray to attack Mark, Labour voting against everything, Iris living in "her glorious"past oh dear oh dear, what a sad bunch Labour in total disarray.
    Comeon Mark you have shown your "mettle" time to get rid of Hart and Poole and give your Party that you so sincerely believe in some credibility, you are the natural leader dont give in to the bullies,
    Hart has passed his "sell by date"
    Poole never had one!!

  19. god help thanet if hart and poole ever run thanet council both won,t brain transplants me thinks then it won,t work everything else on them is dead they are now both laughing stock god help thanet and the labour party torys back labour out

  20. i think both hart and poole should go as the pabour party is on its knees right now so do the right thing and both go a s a p then perhaps labour might just might have a chance in may no chance

  21. Two options:
    Either,they should both go NOW and exit with a degree of respect (albeit rather small)intact.
    Or the second option, takes more guts... Apologise for the mess and damage they have caused.

    Otherwise when everything comes out in the open, and it will do sooner or later, they will have done far more serious irreparable damage to their reputations.

  22. To admit you are wrong, apologise and resign takes integrity, something sadly lacking in both Hart and Poole. They are in love with themselves and their self important status which is of more value to them than their party or the people they are supposed to represent.

    Look at Clive Hart's twitter and pray tell me what else would he do, apart from swim, if he did not have his councillor job. Being the leader and on the council is his life and there is no way the best interests of the party are going to get in the way of that.

    Good to see Mark Nottingham attend the council meeting, out campaigning at Jackey Baker's play ground and writing on his blog. The guy has more integrity and more interest in doing the right thing for the people who elected him than the whole local Labour front bench.

  23. Having looked at Harts twitter stream, I wonder if the next one will say he's been delivering newsletters in Northwood as I doubt they'll let Cllr Nottingham deliver them. They wouldn't want Mark embarrassing them further, working in his Ward would they?

    In fact wouldn't be surprised if he's been cut out of it altogether even though he is still the councillor for Northwood!

  24. Surely the industrious Kay Dark will deliver those newsletters. Wonder if they contain the full facts on Mark's deselection, answer the questions, list the alleged complainers about Mark and what their complaints were? Somehow I doubt it.

    Don't doubt they will just tell us how clever Clive and his team are and how nasty are the Tories. Sadly, when it comes to nastiness Clive Hart takes a lot of beating.