Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thank you Hanna of EDF plus Fox Update

Couple of surprising events, first this morning, I feel it necessary to thank Hanna of EDF for doing something which is generally outside the experience of most of us who use call centres, which was to deal with an account query, promptly and in a timely manner even calling back with in the ten minutes promised, well done, this made up for the 6 or 7 seven minute wait to have the call answered.

As you can see (above) last night, young Master Fox, made a fresh house call l and once again the family cat Missy, seems to be on familiar terms, frankly I question her loyalty, admittedly her predecessor Mr Puss was not adverse to inviting the neighbours cats round, however it always seemed fair enough given the hospitality he'd received elsewhere, the only real conflict of interests were the mice he liked bring in, notably the spectacular occasion he dropped a rodent on a bed at three in the morning.

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