Thursday, July 26, 2012

A loose end this week

I won't linger to much on the downside of the Olympics, other than for some of us the fallout is a lot of spare time.

Anyhoo the sun is still shining and I've had a chance to clear up a bit in the garden, which in reality means, I've hacked a few bushes and trees and just hope that Mrs Me does not a) notice or b) notice and offer a commentary on where and how I could improve after explaining what a mess I've made.

Still irrespective of all that I intend to go to the council meeting tonight, where I can watch highly competent people, such as Cllr Clive Hart, formalise decisions that have of coarse already been agreed.

Highlights tonight will include, the consideration of a petition by residents of Birchington asking to retain a particularly good street sweeper, as you might expect the heartless blighters who run the council are minded, to ignore the public wishes and that old favourite of Thanetonline, the Royal Sands is also up for discussion, still unlike me the and mess in my back garden, Thanet council can save any embarrassment, by claiming that the deal is confidential and can only be discussed in private.

Tonights agenda click here, meeting kicks off at 19:00 sharp, at the council offices top floor.

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