Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Corporate Resources and Transformation?

What the heck is that?, good question but fear not, our air head Labour administration at Thanet Council have managed to procure an expert in corporate resources and transformation and are appointing one Mr Philip Hamberger as it's Director.

I assume this appointment is not a minute too soon, as the lead paragraph on Thanet Councils website witters on "Following a proposal to reshape the council's senior management structure within existing budgets crikey it must be at least a good twelve months since the last "reshape" or was it a "restructure" of senior top bods.

Anyhow Mr Hamberger has good references and a wide experience including at least three similar jobs in the last seven years, quite an achievement, still in my world somewhat lower down the old food chain I've worked for the same company for roughly that period allowing for company takeovers.

Anyhoo the sun is shining lets just forget this bland public announcement, which is below if your that interested, of course things you might want to know, such as how much money is the bloke/role going to save or cost, are missing, as are details of what effects it will have if any on improving services. The main thing is Cllr Clive Hart retains his tenuous grip on power and he seems happy even if nobody else does.

TDC Announcement

Following a proposal to reshape the council's senior management structure within existing budgets, Thanet District Council is delighted to announce that yesterday (Thursday 19 July) the General Purposes Committee confirmed the recommendation of the Appointments Panel to appoint Mr Philip Hamberger as the new Director of Corporate Resources and Transformation. 

Philip comes to the council with excellent references and a wide experience, including - in the last seven years:
Assistant Director Commercial & Transactional Services (Slough Borough Council)
Programme Director of Change (East Herts Council)
Assistant Chief Executive (Basildon Council)

Philip has designed, implemented and driven to conclusion significant and sustainable improvement programmes across large complex organisations as well as successfully managed teams and developed talent within those organisations which is exactly the mix that the council was seeking.

Philip will be relocating to Thanet and will officially start his role on the 30 July 2012.

Philip is keen to meet his new team and improve his knowledge of Thanet so that he can start adding value as quickly as possible.
Leader of the council, Cllr Clive Hart said: "We're absolutely delighted to welcome Philip to the council. He brings enormous knowledge and experience, and he'll be instrumental in the ongoing work of the council.

"The selection process has been tough, but the council is ambitious and we were always determined to recruit the very best person within our existing budget. I have every confidence that Philip will relish the challenge, and I look forward to working closely with him as the council's plans for the area come to fruition."


  1. What a mess the last lot got Thanet in over the last 8 years. It may cost a few bob but somebody with a fresh look is needed to revitalise the area. Many of our most successful businesses dont achive this by resting on their laurels and sitting on their hands, they hire talent to keep them ahead of the game. The TC and Mary Portas alone will not do this in Thanet let alone Margate.
    So well done to the council for at least trying to provide better than we have had in the past.

  2. There goes the Portas 100 grand high street grant.
    After paying this bod, 10 grand left.

  3. he omens are not good for him. He was made redundant by Basildon council in 2007. This is what the Echo said at the time:

    "Mr Hamberger's job was created during managerial changes by the Tories, but a £25,000 review by Hay Consultants found the post "less productive" than first believed.

    Mr Hamberger was off sick between May and September last year due to heart problems, but the decision is not believed to be linked."

    I hope TDC gave him a medical and a contract that does not pay him if he is off sick for more that 7 days in a year.

  4. At £90,000+, I hope we'll get results, but of course us bloggers will do our bit to keep an eye on things to see how effective this new role is. I daresay OSP will want to do a one off meeting to see what he sees his role being and where he sees his efforts best aimed towards and the direction to which TDC should be directed. Hint, hint Cllr Driver...

  5. Try looking at what went on at East Hertfordshire Council, selling a building worth £9.9m for a knock down £6.25m.

    This site seems to highlight a catalogue of disasters at the council http://www.ehcounsel.moonfruit.com/#/officers/4549943457

    Local press reports there seem to show District Auditor investigating deal http://www.hertsandessexobserver.co.uk/Bishops-Stortford/Plea-for-report-into-councils-Causeway-sell-off-in-Stortford.htm

    Also http://www.hertsandessexobserver.co.uk/Bishops-Stortford/Legality-of-deal-for-Stortfords-Causeway-site-in-the-spotlight.htm

    Another 'high quality' appointment by those in charge !

    1. A building may be worth 9.9 mill but if the only offer is 6.25 maybe that says something about the valuations.

    2. Says a lot for East Herts council when they appointed Mr Hamberger as a senior finance officer that he did not hold the necessary professional qualifications to do the section 151 part of the job. So they just inventeda new post for him.

      Yes you were right that the District Auditor was concerned about the Causway deal.

      "In August 2010 there was a formal objection to the Council's accounts over the Causeway site deal.

      The Auditor's response seems to conclude that there may have been unlawful items which bring the whole validity of the sale and development contracts into question. However, he decided that it was not in the public interest to investigate further apparently because it could be very, very expensive for the taxpayer.

      Its the problem for would be exec that have had a notorious past but then TDC HR would have done a search?

    3. TDC's auditors have hardly been upto much either covering up Pleasurama and Manston or 0% salaries.

  6. Mr "value" Hamberger was paid off in December 2012 but I have yet to see the announcement press release on the TDC web site.