Monday, January 15, 2007

Iraq what was it all about ?

Tough question, as one who never believed in weapons of mass destruction I did however believe that Blair and Bush had a semi Honourable intention of liberating Iraq from the tyranny of Saddam Hussain although the carnage that has since ensued I actually predicted when Bush first announced his intention of invading Iraq.

With no clear exit policy from either Bush or Tony Blair one interesting facet of this debacle was the subject of a BBC Radio 4 documentary, Baghdad billions, which reveals corruption and incompetence of the coalition in Iraq particularly amazing is reference to billions of American dollars (proceeds of Iraqi oil sales) being air-freighted by the pallet load to Baghdad where it simply disappeared.

If this tale of incredible greed, corruption and incompetence is of interest, this is available to hear via their listen again page for a day or two.


  1. The one thing that always seems to work in Iraq is the oil pipe lines, funny that.

  2. Re your comment Shinguard, I heard that programme, and one of the most astonishing facts it revealed was that, when the oil wells were rebuilt in Iraq, the Americans didn't bother to equip them with meters. So now no-one knows how much is coming out of the wells, and therefore how much should be reaching the other end. Astounding.