Monday, January 29, 2007

Multiculturalism fails

According to a survey from Policy Exchange, young Muslims are becoming more devoted to religious teachings and laws than democratic British law.

Since multiculturalism appears to have failed, perhaps it is now time to go back to what I understand was the philosophy of integration which when I was growing up in Seventies was the prevalent policy concerning ethnic relations.

I'm middle-aged perhaps my mind is becoming a little addled, it seems that society's goals in the Seventies were to accept people's ethnic backgrounds, enforce equal opportunities and accept common values and fundamental human rights, now contrast this with multiculturalism where everyone has their rights but they are different for each ethnic group.

All multiculturalism seems to have bought us, is to the edge of apartheid, we now have sections of society who prefer Sharia law, to democratic British law.

It's ironic how multiculturalism fostered by smart arse liberals is creating areas of separate development just like the contemptible whites only regime in South Africa.

Simple-minded and blinkered intellectuals confuse hostility towards various extreme faith groups as being racially motivated which frankly isn't the case again going back to the Seventies religious groups which refused life-saving medicine on theological grounds such as the Mormons were rightly criticised as no doubt will Islamic Medical Association whose head Dr Abdul Majid Katme is urging fellow
Muslims to shun unholy vaccines.

Because we are a diverse people in Britain, we have to compromise and conform to basic human justice, since even the most commited multiculturalist, is not ready to see public beheading or women stoned to death because their husbands say they been unfaithful, to appease extreme faith groups.

Perhaps our schools should teach our kids about responsible attitudes, tolerance, civil-rights, democracy and explain why the majority British people are uncomfortable with the concept of religious law, and most importantly how wrong the belief that if you don't follow the teachings of a particular religious divinity you are less than human.

Reassuringly 84 per cent of Muslims believe that they had been treated fairly in British society and 28 per cent believed that UK authorities had gone over the top in trying not to offend Muslims.

This government has is much to blame for the failure of multiculturalism on the one hand, domestically it's shown the greatest respect to the Muslim community, though internationally the country's Foreign Office and policy seems to unquestionably back a hostile anti-Islamic American pro Israeli agenda, doing and saying nothing about Israel's over-the-top attack on Lebanese civilians last year, is it any wonder that young Muslims react against such bias.

The report actually worth a read Living apart together


  1. Personally I think we have a great opportunity in this country to foster better relations between the Muslim and Christian worlds. It's a pity this government is squandering it by backing a Christian fundamentalist US president.

  2. If an ex-Christian country like ours allows mass immigration over 4 decades, of members of a dynamic faith like Islam then it is not surprising that multicultalism and lack of integration has led to separate development along apartheid lines. History will show what a grave and irreversible error this has been. Islam is not like a convenient faith that can be put away all week until Sunday but a whole lifestyle that looks not just for spiritual leadership from abroad (Saudi militant islamists) but for political leadership as well. It is the latter concept that poses the greatest threat to stable integration as too many Islamists put loyalty to a global Islamic cause before loyalty to the British Crown and their duty as British subjects. This is a recipe for years if not centuries of future conflict in Britain.

  3. History will history will always be just history. A holistic one faith Islamic world, Hmm. Imagine.

  4. Mr AA Smith
    Fairways 444 Northdown Road
    Kent CT9 3LD
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    8th February 2007

    Dear Sir/madam

    in response to your advertisement in the Thanet Times I offer the following.

    Firstly, you have to appreciate that the vast majority of the local population who have lived here any length of time have witnessed first hand the decline of Margate. Every time an amenity fell into decline absolutely nothing was done to prevent or avert that decline by Thanet District Council, often quite the opposite! This includes the loss, and or decline, of the sundecks, the tidal and non-tidal swimming pools, the boating pool, the pier/jetty, the harbour, the Lido complex and Dreamland.

    I fully appreciate not all of this was under the ownership of the council, but they did nothing to encourage or enforce any improvements, dejas vous!

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    The Turner Centre is completely the wrong direction to follow. Nobody locally, who does not paint (artistically), wants it. It will become a vast white elephant costing millions that can be ill-afforded by Kent. Dreamland is now old hat, it's too small to develop into a 21st century theme park and if it were reborn it would only be for daytrippers, these are the only 'tourists' we now see. They contribute precious little to the overall economy of Thanet.

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