Sunday, January 07, 2007

Kent's big Cat danger
Reading today's Kent on Sunday I was astounded to learn that in excess of 50 people have contacted Neil Arnold of Big Cat Research in Chatham, specifically reporting seeing a large Black Panther near Bluewater and other sites in Kent.

Like you I was sceptical and assumed that Kent on Sunday were desperate to fill this week's edition and had decided to pad out this seemingly flimsy story.

That was until the Bell sounded at the main door of Flaig Mansions, on opening the door I was confronted by two of the most ferocious man-eaters yet to be spotted in Kent, these beasts were as smart as they were dangerous, obviously they had tried to lure me into the open by ringing the doorbell.

Were it not for the fact I had my camera phone in my shirt pocket and was able to distract them I'm sure I would have been torn to shreds.

I'm no expert but I believe that these brutes, to be a pair of Leopards, hopefully it may just be possible for a specialist to identify them, despite the rather fuzzy picture.

Mr Puss has been informed of the danger but is unable to comment and is understood to be heavily sedated at this time.

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