Saturday, January 06, 2007

Leading Muslim extremist backtracks
supporters don't !

A couple of interesting reports in today's News firstly a quote from Umran Javed who yesterday was found guilty of soliciting murder and inciting racial hatred firstly on the Guardian unlimited website where he is quoted as saying "I regret saying these things. I understand the implications they have, but they were just slogans, soundbites. I did not want to see Denmark and the USA being bombed." this in connection with his abusive remarks.

This apparently conciliatory attitude was contrasted by supporters of the accused, one being led away cursing the judge jury and " all of you" (presumably meaning civilised society) according to the Times online, others also shouted insults one of them the sister of a participant in a suicide bomb attack in Tel Aviv.

I just wonder why the handful of Muslims who have no respect for British freedom and justice don't just move to a country where they would feel more at home. The fact is threatening to murder cartoonists, film makers, writers etc may well be acceptable behaviour in an Islamic society but I would choose freedom any day which is the main reason for living in a democratic country like Britain. I'm sure most Muslims are content to quietly accept freedom without threatening their fellow countryman.


  1. Tony, you must remember that the literal translaftion of many arabic expressions seem excessively embellished to the Brit ear; eg "the mother of battles" of Saddam fame. I think we need to be a little more tolerant of the muslim demonstrators getting something off their chest; a warning from the police who were there in great numbers to tone down banners and more extreme chants would have sufficed. The fox-hunting community and animal researchers have had to put up for years with the vilest of personal insults and physical attacks by demonstrators without such a furrore! We are witnessing from this Govt a nasty and sustained attack on our civil liberties using the excuse that the "terrorist threat is worse than that from the Germans in 1940" { Mr Reid in August 2006 and Met Commisioner in Dec 2006)
    If you believe such tosh from our Home Secretary and Chief Plod then go and do some reading!

  2. Anonymous 1:45pm it may well be the case that guy got, over-excited but the fact remains many Islamic fundamentalists do genuinely hate Western society therefore I personally have no problem, if this guy is sent to prison to consider the enormity of his threats, likewise on the question of the nutters that surround animal researchers particularly Huntingdon life sciences where they have made people's lives a misery I personally think they should be put in a secure psychiatric ward somewhere.

    Incidentally because of the extreme twisted logic of animal-rights supporters this is one topic that I personally shy away from.

    I'm convinced that Muslim extremists have and will continue to threaten the British people as they have no concept of humanity decency or freedom and for once I think Mr Reed is showing some competence a rare thing in the final days of the Blair administration.

    Every day I hear liberals blame Blair and Bush for the slaughter in Iraq, the fact is that virtually all these deaths result from sectarian violence emanating from various Islamic factions.