Monday, January 01, 2007

Saddam Hussein's death
it's what makes us civilised!

Not surprisingly liberals have great difficulty with the execution of Saddam Hussein and to be honest so do I but as most of us are willing to accept that life is not just a black and white experience and virtually everything in our life is a question of degree, for instance a light bulb may have an on and off switch but just how bright is the light.

You see in common with many people I have great difficulty with the concept of the death penalty because I believe that brings us to the level of murderer who has little respect for life but when the likes of Saddam Hussein murder and torture on an industrial scale then frankly there is no other way to punish them or protect civilised society.

Whilst it's easy for cosy academics and liberals opine to great length over the morality of Saddam's execution, the victims and potential victims might well take comfort that scum like him don't always get away with their crimes. Lets just hope that other tyrants sleep a little less easy, obviously some like General Pinochet managed to dodge their crimes particularly with friends high up in the British establishment.

I hope I never hear a former leader of a British political party being saddened over the death of a brutal dictator as was recently the case, and the fact that we are caring enough to even have a debate about Saddam long deserved end is wot makes us civilised.


  1. Whilst I support capital punishment and wish for its return in this country, what was screened on my morning television yesterday was barbaric.It was not so because of what was done but how it was done. At the end of his brutal life, Saddam was the only one present who had courage, dignity and respect for what was about to happen. He deserved to be hanged but not in such a callous manner. The outcome of the shambles will be to give his misguided supporters comfort and solace as they continue to attempt to destabilise Iraq.

  2. I saw an earlier version which seemed as humane as might be posible given the past of this very industrous murderer

  3. anon again!

    Ah but, everything to do with Hussein Saddam was Barbaric. The Arabs are a barbaric race, generally speaking. There are few I would trust. Hanging was a good quick death for this Dictator. Thank goodness he's gone... good riddance.

  4. Nothing in this whole affair has enhanced humanity