Monday, November 29, 2010

Socialist Workers Party–Recruitment Drive?

Crikey had email forwarded today from where I'm not quite sure, anyhow, it was to announce a meeting promoted by the Socialist Workers Party, now maybe I don't get out too often but I thought that the old SWP had withered and died with Mrs T's departure.

However its clear that recent resurgence in political violence from Britain's inarticulate students, who eschew discussion, preferring to shout rather than talk is creating fertile ground for eccentric groups like the SWP to recruit.

If you accept democracy, parties like SWP on the left and BNP on flipside have the unfortunate right to exist despite their extreme views, however because of the baggage they bring to any debate free objective debate is stifled.

The existence of the BNP is one reason we don't have a reasoned debate on migration and the SWP is similar re employment and social justice. One you might connect with the horrors of fascism and the other Stalinist regimes.

Anyhow if you suffer from "It's my rights" syndrome, you know that overwhelming sense that whether you've ever contributed to society or not the world owes you a living, you'll find yourself in good company at the "How do we stop the Tory Cuts" meeting somewhere in Ramsgate next Monday, since it appears to be organised by the East Kent Right to Work Campaign, I'll set the ball rolling by giving you the job of find out the details.

I must say it's a pity these activist kept such a low profile when their mates in the Labour party were encouraging and exploiting migrant labour, doing all those deals with big business and finally the banks.


  1. I agree Tony, it looks like another foundation funded radicalist organisation to me, like the BNP, designed to lead people astray.

    Some of the anti-war language on their site goes in the right direction, but they seem to be in favour of creating green jobs, which is a serious no-no and there is curiously no mention of the Bank of England. It looks to me that they are doing the bidding of the banking elite.

    Can't have the Marxist nonsense, or the anti capitalism stance. Properly regulated free market capitalism is, after all, what creates proper jobs and a buoyant economy (not the corrupt crony capitalism/corporate fascism that we have been saddled with).

    Guys like Nigel Farage and Lord Christopher Monckton are fighting a noble battle, in my opinion. The former has a background in The City and the latter as a scientist and adviser to Thatch. Both are free market capitalists and advocates of freedom, transparency and common sense, things we have been sorely lacking in the UK.

  2. The very reason the SWP were silent when the last government was importing migrant labour was because they are but the storm troopers of Labour. Nowhere to be seen when the left are in power but trundled out to create mayhem on the streets as soon as we get a Tory or non Labour Government.

    Whereas the BNP are their own party with their own agenda, the SWP are but the rabble rousers of the left which Labour politicians can claim are nothing to do with them. All too often senior Labour politicians sanctimoniously condemn and wash their hands of the street violence perpetrated by by them whilst inwardly applauding.

    Make no mistake, this is no foundation funded organisation unless, of course, you consider the Labour party and TUC to be the foundation.

  3. They seem to be a bit of a joke. Probably a sophisticated joke intended to discredit anyone who advocates throwing out the establishment as a looney trot.

    Not that these nutters are advocating any such thing, all they seem to want to do is create mayhem at rally's and demonstrations.

    Conclusion, no they don't appear to have the worker's best interest at heart.

  4. Lord Christopher Monckton talking yesterday to Alex Jones about the upcoming climate conference in Cancun, Mexico; marxist 'green nazis', UN world takeover, criminal banks, dicredited global warming hoax. (mp3 5.3MB)