Sunday, November 21, 2010

News of the World in Royal Security Blunder ? - How stupid do journalists get?

A rare weekend off, for me, a reminder of what life use to be when I had a proper job, anyhow. The Sunday papers are the highlight of any weekend, the politics, scandal and best of all "Stories" that entertain and enrage.

A classic weekend for Royal "stories" most of which appear to me to be facts embellished with spin and fantasy. That section owned by Murdoch seem to have their own agenda, skewed as I see it the Times and News of the World put forward an opinion poll that suggest that most would prefer William to be the next King, however the NOTW also has poll in which the public accept that Prince Charles should be the next King, a bit like, being a queue and thinking I'd like to be next and accepting that person in front has a prior claim.

Anyway all the above is just the sort of dross you'd expect from a foreign owned press, particularly with a proprietor who likes to  involve himself and has access to top knobs whether its inviting Blair half way round the world for a chat or indeed entering through the back door to visit our current Prime minister David Cameron.

Excuse the preamble, in todays BIG SECRETNews of the World, on page 7, I noticed an item I consider, assuming it's true, both dangerous and stupid. Lucy Panton (Crime Editor) in a piece with this headline "SECRET TRACK DEVICE ON HER" the tale starts with this "Kate has been given a piece of jewellery fitted with a secret James Bond-style tracking device which she must wear at all times to foil any kidnap attempts" It waffles on a bit more and then the Crime Editor, Lucy Panton adds this gem "The exact location of the tracker will remain a closely guarded secret" surely I'm not the only one, thinking no it wont since your first sentence identifies where the tracker will be hidden.

Either Lucy Panton's story is complete bollix or she has just given useful information to criminals and terrorists, you'd like to think that editors and even crime editors would be more responsible. 

Although I view the Royal Family as an anachronism, they are an important part our country and whether we like it or not, provide our nations head of state and therefore ought to be shown a bit more respect than Murdoch's news organisation can muster.

I view Murdoch's influence in the British media, as a danger to this countries interest, which is why I hope his plans to strengthen his grip on the media are stopped.  This country is one of the few that would allow its media to be dominated in the way Murdoch does, which might sound good and liberal but its crap at representing the national interest, assuming we still have one.

Finally its worth reminding ourselves that this country has a considerable number of supporters and sympathisers of Al-Qaida and the press have some duty to think before they print.


  1. Murdoch is just a front man for newscorp, (there is no way he built his media empire up from just a couple of inherited, local Aussie rags under his own steam) but nonetheless there is a fair bit of in-fighting going on in those circles.

    Soros and Murdoch have their differences since the former launched a campaign to cost the latter advertisers. Soros may be about to be 'thrown under the bus' as a result, and blamed in the Murdoch media for all of our economic woes.

    Jay Rockefeller has also called for Fox News to be taken off the air, in no small part due to the public airing of various 'sensitive' matters by the likes of Glen Beck and Judge Napolitano on Fox.

    I have never been a fan of Murdoch in the past, but give him his due, he certainly seems to be ruffling a few feathers lately, even if it is only to discredit the left-wing puppets.

    Who knows what is going on, but a bit of in-fighting among the elite won't do us any harm at all.

    Al Qaeda is an arm of the CIA/Mi5/Mossad organisation and who knows what these nutters (I mean the CIA/Mi5/Mossad) are capable of. Not that a piece of bugged jewellery would do the young lady any good in such an event, unless this article is a clumsy set up for some kind of staged event by aforementioned nutters.

  2. Not total garbage from the same source yet again. Al Qaeada, MI5, CIA, Uncle Tom Cobbley and all are one and the same organisation? I suppose the total stupiity of it all makes it worth reading if only to wonder about the strange mind of the scribe that wrote it.

  3. Anon 2.48 must have some reasons for believing like he does.
    Secret services, secret societies and the like all need watching and exposing.
    Some very strange things happen in this world like the death of Mossad agent Robert Maxwell. He was another one that was able to build a media empire from scratch.

  4. At least she only has to wear a tacky piece of jewelry. Why she cant be RF chipped like an animal is beyond me. After all they want every single detail on all of us biometric fingerprinting children in school without consultation, parents pressurised into giving their children injections, camera's watching our every move. Who is the real Liar and enemy ? Al Qaeda ???

    Liar Liar

  5. My god, there are possible two of them!

    My daughter, when small, believed in fairies and found loads of evidence to support her belief. My grandson thinks Harry Potter is real. The difference between them and Anon 2:48 is that the one grew up and the other will. 2:48 has gone back into childhood fantasy which, one might say, is harmless enough, but it screws every sensible debate on this blog.

    There are issues in the post on media security breaches and royal succession but here we are, yet again, back to the conspiracy nonsense.

    I despair!

  6. Bluenote I think you would find there are many rather than a possible two who have very different views to your own.

    You may well be better off keeping your head between your knees along with your fairy and harry potter stories it is quite obvious that it would be a complete waste of time and take a massive effort on your part to believe in anything else.

    I despair at your total ignorance and lack of research !

  7. Research of what? Stories in the more obscure publications no doubt.

    By the way, I did not say I believe in fairies or Harry Potter but that these are the things of childhood or, in your case, infantile minds.

    Returning to the subject, the succession in our monarchy is clearly defined and, although it might benfit from being changed to the eldest child of the monarch, regardless of sex, even that would not change the fact that Charles is next in line.

    Should we succumb to popular clamours, in some papers, to skip one generation and go with William, who is to say that others might not prefer Harry. Then again, if you are going to bow to popularity contests, why not Wagner or Cheryl Cole. When things work it is best left. Wasn't so many years ago that some people were suggesting the Queen should abdicate to make way for Charles.

  8. I have never been a fan of Sunday Papers they never have any real news just regurgitated stuff from in the week.In fact I am not a fan of newspapers full stop only useful for football results

  9. Don they did once have 2 other uses

    1. wrapping fish & chips in

    2. toilet paper

    now they are just full of toilet the same as the royal family

  10. Is it any wonder people are anti royal when the queen helped sell the people down the river what happened to her oath to protect the people.

    'The full extent of the police and criminal prosecution powers that the European Union has over British citizens can be revealed today. A Mail on Sunday investigation has uncovered an alarming array of new EU controls over justice and home affairs for which no one has voted, and most are unknown to the public.
    These include:
    Europol, the £60 million-a-year European criminal intelligence agency, whose officers have diplomatic immunity. An 800-strong paramilitary police force called the European Gendarmerie Force. The European Arrest Warrant, which now allows British citizens to be seized in the UK and sent without appeal to foreign jails for months or years without bail while awaiting trial.'

  11. Bluenote, here's a bit of research for you.

    Al-Qaeda No.1, Anwar Al-Awlaki, dining and high-fiving it with military top brass at the Pentagon just months after September eleven attacks.

  12. And a bit more:

    High-fiving art students, celebrating a job well done:

    CIA boss insider trading on 9/11:

    The Ministery of Truth reports that WTC7 has collapsed, 20 minutes too soon.

  13. My dear conspirator in chief, as I know from my funny firm days, there are stories everywhere if you care to look for them but the real issue is, do they make any difference in the longer term?

    If you go back some forty years to what became known as the 'troubles' in Ulster you would have found that three very active agitators operating there were not, in fact, Irish but an American, an Australian and an Italian. All three were communists and all had been at Turin and Moscow universities.

    Furthermore, monies were being passed to the cause from extreme left wing groups in the UK mainland. One, then Fleet Street, based print union, or chapel to be more correct, were prominent in this activity with a pick up point in Blackfen. Whilst their members were fighting to save their jobs arising out of moves to Wapping, their funds were being filtered off to an illegal organisation.

    The purpose was to create not just a united Ireland but a united socialist republic of Ireland, indebted to the Communist block, and creating a hostile state, as far as NATO was concerned, between the USA and her European allies.

    What happened is what always happens. The main operatives in the struggle forgot both the cause and the debt owed as self interest took over and aging men sought comfortable lifestyles.

    So you see we all know some stories and can do some research but you must never forget the human factor. People tire of struggles and causes as they age and settle in their own respective comfort zones. Yes, I don't doubt there are conspiracies, but they will fizzle out as they invariably do.

  14. OK Bluenote, you stay in your comfortable little bubble of ignorant bliss if you like.

    But you are not going to stop me from trying to warn my fellow countrymen of the impending fascist takeover and the plan of mass global genocide that is well documented in a myriad UN, MOD, CFR, Tri-Lateral Commission etc. documents and white papers.

    I'll let you get back to your Noddy and Big Ears books now.

  15. Oh dear, where does it end? If, as suggested, this facist plot for mass genocide was well documented in files and documents from the UN to MOD, why are not more people up in arms about it. Just imagine, if you are capable, how many people from from all kinds of backgrounds and differing nationalities would have to be involved. The mind boggles!

    In a previous post you suggested to another commentator that "if you are a nutter you would be best ignored" or words to that effect. I am now taking that advise for enough is enough and I really do not have time for such nonsense.

    In future I will stick to the subject matter of the post and leave you with your plots but, just you be careful out there for there are more of us bad guys, he, he!

  16. Long winded boring comments with links to tedious websites etc may induce fascist tendencies in me, its nice to have people take the time to comment this site is not about special interest fanatics unless it happens to be me.

    The urge to reach for the delete button is getting stronger by the hour.

  17. With due apologies to Tony, I could not resist one last response to the advice I was given to stick with Noddy and Big Ears. Interesting that for surely the conspiracy scribe should be well aware that Noddy and Big Ears date back themselves to the facist agenda of racism and mocking the afflicted. Looks in mirror and sees his blue eyes and fair haired countenance looking back at him. Come back Enid, all is forgiven!

  18. No worries fellas, I've sown enough seeds here, hopefully a couple will germinate. I'll let you resume your gate-keeping duties now.

    Talking of tedious sites...yawn...z-z-z-z

  19. I thought gate keeping was something snowdrops did!

    As for the tedious site snide remark, look around you. ECR, Bertie, Mark N have all fallen quiet whilst most of the others are lucky if they get a couple of comments.

    This is a great site and the only thing in danger of making it tedious was you.

  20. I have a feeling you will soon be wishing you had deleted the sleepy head freemasons whose job it is to keep us firmly in the dark rather than those who are trying to educate Tony. But then again what would I know?

  21. If this doesn't wake people up to our criminal government I don't know what will. I am sure it is well worth a few minutes of your time.

    British House of Lords: 1 Nov 2010

  22. No it didn't wake me up and it certainly wasn't worth a few minutes of my time.

  23. Oh never mind just go back to snooze land or if you can read try this

    Liberal Democrat Business Secretary Vince Cable has claimed his party broke no pledge by approving tuition fee rises as the election promises were not binding.

    Cable insisted that Lib Dems remain trustworthy even after reneging on one of the key elements of their election manifesto to prevent any tuition hikes by supporting the move to almost triple fees from £3,290 to £9,000 a year.

    He tried to justify the reversal of policy saying signing the pledge has been a wrong “political judgment.”

    Cable told the BBC One's Politics Show that Lib Dems “haven't betrayed anybody” as the only binding agreement they had was the coalition deal with the Tories.

    "We didn't break a promise. We made a commitment in our manifesto; we didn't win the election. We then entered into a coalition agreement, and it's the coalition agreement that is binding upon us and which I'm trying to honor," he said.

    Before the approval of the tuition fee rises, former Lib Dem frontbencher Baroness Jenny Tonge slammed Lib Dem leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg as well as Cable, saying they should “resign rather than betray their principles.”

    But Cable said “it's not an issue of trust” and principle as the Conservatives have also broken certain promises they made in their election manifesto.

    "We haven't been able to carry all of them through -- partly because we have a coalition and have had to make compromises, and partly because we're still in the middle of this appalling financial situation,” Cable said.

    This comes as earlier this month it emerged that Lib Dems did not want to adhere to their promise on the tuition fees from the very beginning.

    Documents labeled “confidential” by a Lib Dem team tasked two months before the election with drawing the party's line in case of a possible coalition revealed the party considered any insistence on keeping the tuition fees cap in place a “headache.”

    Raising tuition fees has already turned into a 'headache' now for the coalition government following the recent violent students' revolt in London, during which more than 40 police officers were injured and 54 people were arrested.

  24. It is somehow reassuring to see that the Liberal Democrats, including their "folk hero" Cable, are exactly the same as the politicians in both the other Parties whom they have lambasted for so long.

    They have lied to and cheated the electorate, all in the name of the "Coalition" and their supposed sacrifices in the nation's interest. What they have done, of course, is to serve their own individual interests - look how many Lib Dems (as a percentage of the Parliamentary Party) have Ministerial posts - and have acquired salaries and other personal benefits.

    And these people criticise the last Administration!

  25. One of the facts of coalition life is that the parties coming together have to merge their policies to fit. This involves compromise and happens all the time around Europe with those countries operating electoral systems other than 'first past the post' like PR or AV.

    As to the previous administration, they also made promises they failed to keep, perhaps most importantly on the EU referendum which involves our very sovereignty, and seriously mismanaged the economy.

    Sadly it is what politicians do and then they blame each other. What is perhaps even sadder is to see members of the public drawn into this charade of name calling instead of demanding better service from whoever is in power at any given time.

    PS I thought 10:31 thought this was a tedious site but he did not stay away long.

  26. One correspondent suggests we have a criminal government, another accuses the Lib/Dems of breaking pre-election promises whilst yet another says politicians just blame each other. Let us just look at some hard indisputable facts for a moment:

    1 The last government doubled the national debt.

    2. They left us with the biggest budget deficit of any country in the G20.

    3. It costs us £120M per day just to pay the interest on the debt they left.

    How could any incoming government fulfill all pre-election promises when faced with such a financial disaster. How could they avoid draconian cut backs for the alternative is bankruptcy.

  27. Norman Lamont gets fisted in Westminister, some would say rightly so.

  28. 4:16 said:

    "How could any incoming government fulfill all pre-election promises when faced with such a financial disaster. How could they avoid draconian cut backs for the alternative is bankruptcy."

    Let them take the draconian cutbacks out of Gordon Brown's ass then because THAT DEBT IS NOT OURS.

    The private central bankers are worth HUNDREDS OF TRILLIONS, all of it plundered. You must be one of their com partmentalised lackeys to be in favour of us paying the illegal debt back.

  29. Sadly you show a complete lack of understanding of the nations finances. Yes, the bankers were involved in the world recession but are not responsible for our budget deficit. That arises because the government spends more on roads, schools, NHS, civil service, itself and its members etc., than it gets in by way of taxes.

    By all means kick out the government responsible but the deficit remains a national one down to all of us. Nice idea emptying the banks but what then for industry and commerce and the jobs they create.

    Seems we have idiots in the public as well as those we had in government!

  30. I'm not debating with you Bluenote, you are clearly an imbecile.

  31. John Perkins - Confessions of an Economic Hitman

  32. When do you ever debate? All you ever do is swamp blogs with your own propoganda, usually at length with meaningless links to ancient articles, and then dismiss as idiots anyone who dares to question your stance. If anyone has a mind incapable of seeing the bigger picture I am afraid it is you.

  33. Sorry Bluenote, perhaps I was a tad harsh, but we are running out of time.

    Please download and read the book, it was written by an insider and published last year, it is an interesting read I promise you. If you still feel there is anything to debate I will gladly discuss the matter with you.

  34. Apology accepted but we are all running out of time in a way. Certainly I have no desire to spend whatever I have left reading the theories on impending disaster by someone I have never heard of. Far too many gloom merchants already around for my liking.

    Mind you, if you really are concerned for our future well being just keep an eye on North Korea. One itchy finger on the wrong button and it could be apocalypse now and then all your bankers, masons and perjuring councillors could be share the same mushroom cloud.

  35. I am of the opinion that our central bankers are pulling the strings on both sides of that fracas in Korea, that is precisely what I meant by running out of time.

    It was, incidentally, the South that fired first. Let's hope that sanity prevails.

  36. There you go again jumping to conclusions that suit your own agenda. It couldn't be anything to do with a succession power struggle in the North and someone flexing their muscles to show how tough they are, eh? No, with you, it has to be the bankers, unreal!

    As to the south firing first, on what real evidence, other than hearsay, do you base that statement. The South Koreans were engaged in a legitimate military exercise which involved firing into the sea, not at North Korea. Had they fired into that country the propoganda machine would be pumping out the photos worldwide.

    I do agree with you in hoping sanity prevails but people coming up with wild and unsubstantiated claims does not help.

  37. The Russians and Japanese have begun dumping their dollar reserves in the ongoing currency wars, thereby causing a dollar slide.

    I believe that this little Korean skirmish has more to do with shoring up the dollar price in the world currency markets than flexing any muscles. A weak dollar would be costly to the program.

    The big one (WWIII) is certainly in the works but China is not yet up to speed and it is more likely to kick off in the Middle East, (unless sanity deems otherwise.)

  38. There was me stupidly thinking, prompted by you, that the real threat was a facist one. That us minnions were being progressively divested of our rights and privileges by the bankers and masons. Now, you tell me it is the Communist Chinese who will kick off, starting in the middle east.

    Do I detect a certain inconsistency in your theories?

  39. Anon 11:46

    Your info on currency is flawed. The Russians and the Chinese (not the Japanese) have decided to use their own currency for international trade rather than the dollar. However, they are not dumping their reserves.

    Generally the US dollar is holding up against a parcel on world currencies and is gaining against some, not least the Euro.

    The Korean crisis is nothing to do with any banking or monetary issue but is all about who takes on the leadership of the North. Bit of sabre rattling, nothing more.

  40. Yes 3:59, I stand corrected, Russia, China and Iran are dumping dollar trade between themselves which will have an adverse effect on the value of the dollar. But the sabre-rattling in Korea is causing a flight into treasury bills, because of US Military superiority, thus strengthening the dollar.

    Coincidence? Maybe.

  41. ... and they are converting dollar surpluses, rather than reserves, into gold.

  42. My oh my, how we bend with the wind. First you tell me that Russia and Japan are DUMPING their dollar reserves then you agree with another commentator that it is actually Russia and China and they are not actually dumping their reserves but switching to their own currency to trade.

    On top you state that they are switching from currency reserves to gold but then, isn't a return to the gold standard being generally advocated anyway.

    I reiterate my original point that, what is happening in North Korea is about succession of power within that country and has nothing at all to do with banks or the strength of the dollar. With their commitments in the middle east and Afghanistan I am quite sure the Americans could well do without another hot spot in Asia.

    Please try to follow the thread of a debate and respond to points raised. Furthermore, there is a huge difference between dumping dollars and coverting surpluses to gold. A bit more fact and less sensational flavouring of comments might help.

  43. The ostensible reason for the conflict put forward by the corporate media is indeed the sabre-rattling and succession of tinpot dictator, in that joke of a nation.

    But behind all of that smoke and mirrors there is a global currency war going on which is clearly beyond your scope.

  44. So, yet again when the argument is turning against you, you resort to insults. Since you consider an understanding of global currency issues is beyond me I suggest you debate with yourself.

  45. Has the dollar strengthened or not? Is there a capital flight into dollar treasuries or not?

    The Korean war is still ongoing, there was never an official end to it, which comes in handy from time to time. Know what I mean?