Monday, November 29, 2010

Defence industry surrenders British jobs to Poles

How often have we been sold the lie, that East European labour is here because of superior skills, work ethic, blah blah blah.

The plain and simple fact is that East Europeans are cheap, and British workers have been sold out by cynical politicians, Labour particularly helpful to the construction industry in allowing uncontrolled migration.

The generations of British people who helped build this country's schools, homes, hospitals etc. are now paying the price, with poorer wages, less health provision, inferior education, inadequate housing and what do we have in return, nothing except excuses from affluent middle classes, who to this point remain unaffected and who will lecture those of us who are surrendering our jobs and children's future, about the superiority of East Europeans, whilst demonising fellow British citizens who are happy to work but have often been priced out of employment or simply discriminated against.

British working people are being discriminated against, with the sacking of British workers building Royal Navel Warships, in favour of Poles has to be the final straw.

How ironic MOD sending British forces to fight for  Western interests, whilst British workers are being sacked from construction on MOD navel vessels in favour of Poles.

What is the point of a defence industry if British nationals are being discriminated against by the MOD. What is there to defend?


  1. The plain and simple fact is that East Europeans are (generally) more honest, hard working & reliable than us British.

  2. How would you 10 03 know another stab in the back from British ruling classes

  3. The MOD do not give a damn about the British worker, the plan to de-industrialise Britain was drawn up after the last war, that's why we've been turned into a bunch of dumbed down drugged up`zombies

    If this latest travesty doesn't send a message to the people of Britain, then I don't know what will.

    The message being that unless we do something about this corrupt, criminal banking oligarchy, then WE ARE FINISHED!

  4. anon 10:03 why don't you go and live in East Europe, there is no difference in work ethic between Polish and British workers, that said British workers have the advantage of understanding English although the disadvantage of also knowing the law, which of course is a disadvantage to contractors cutting corners on safety and of course wages.

  5. Population Control & Dumbing Down

  6. Looks like you are with the eccentric UKIP, BNP and EDP on this one then Tony.

  7. 8 16 I take the view that exploiting foreign labour and discriminating against your own people is the sort of thing you would expect in a fascist country, however since labour have recently apologised for allowing this occur in the first place it's rather difficult to place blame

    Still as a citizen I have a right to comment without being grouped in with a bunch of fascist scum which I take it you actually agree with 8 16

  8. Bit unfair to lump UKIP in with the extremist nutters 8:16.

    As far as I can tell UKIP are the only party to be warning us about the real Nazi's that have been ruling the roost for a couple of hundred years.

  9. Perhaps you should lobby your LibDem colleagues, Mr Flaig. You/they are in government now.