Monday, November 08, 2010

What's the point of BTOPENZONE

Frequently in London, I often have a moment or two to catch up on email, blogs, news and all that malarkey using my smartphone.

My mobile phone provider in addition to offering me 3G, also offers unlimited access to something called BT Openzone, one of the few times I was able to connect successfully to this was outside a coffee shop in West Hampstead, after I'd just had a coffee not realising this was one of the few locations where BT would allow me to connect.

Often my phone blocks access to my 3G internet connection, claiming to have connected to BT Openzone only to redirect me to a web page which then attempts to mug me for more money, refusing to log me on for free.

I'm sure Openzone offers a great wifi experience if you can get it to work, I've rung my phone provider and despite all their advice found the best thing to do is turn off wifi on my phone as I leave the house.

Although I don't have a direct contract with BT maybe someone could explain, why Openzone is for me so flipping useless and why their hot spots are nothing of kind.

This posts is bought to you by 3G from the A2 which tonight is slower than usual due to several high speed parking manoeuvres.


  1. Just take a look at the BTOPENZONE web page via google and it explains all. There are 1.6 access points and a interactive map is provided. As you have found out not all are free, BT is no charity and has to earn a crust having axed 40,000 workers in 2009.

  2. I've looked at BT openzone as a consumer and someone who has been sold the idea of unlimited.

    My opinion is it open in the way that a Stalinist republic is

    I find the idea the telecoms companies think it fit to hide products behind a mountain of incomprehensible b*******!