Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bank cancels dinner till they get a password

I have suffered many indignities from the countries top organised crime syndicate, the British banking system.

Over the years I've had banks, pay my wages back to my employer, mug me with their hole in the wall machines, not pay the mortgage, use me as an unpaid language coach after hours queuing on the phone.

In recent times I've changed my bank, and now have one that uses English as a first language and everything has been smooth till tonight.

Having the day off I thought I'd cook tonight, although my offer to do corned beef  fritters and beans, was refused out of hand by Mrs Me, I must say I was a shocked, and hadn't realised that she held such strong views, considering fritters to be "disgusting"  once I got over thirty years of er misunderstanding, I didn't fancy cooking anything else and I suggested a take away.

Anyhow as I was at the keyboard, I thought dominates pizza, a few clicks some bogoff type deal, credit card details filled out and click, job done, well I clicked and got a page offering me some enhanced card verification waffle, on previous occasions I've just dismissed this page and bobs your uncle, ring on door bell 25 minutes later.

However this time round they wouldn't have it, I rang my bank, spoke to someone with proper estuary English, they empathised as I asked why the bank would not let me have my dinner, I knew before I started that it was futile.

So ten minutes later, I had to log into my bank, commit myself to yet another password at least 6 characters upper and lower case plus two blimin numbers, I'm in my mid fifties, it can't be long before I forget my own name, let alone another flippin password, having now eaten dinner it's a chilling thought that next time I want pizza I wont be able to remember my damn password and no doubt I'll have to wait until the all powerful card company, sends me a reminder in the post, by which time I'll be just skin and bone.

British Banks are run by money grabbing crooks,  I put up with the B*st*rds stealing my money through taxes, robbing us of a future but depriving me of dinner is the final straw. ******* ********* !


  1. Corn Beef are sick! Spam Fitters, beans and chessy onion Mash Fine, but Corn BEEF! eeeyuk!

  2. British banks are our friends Tony, they are only there to serve us. And they care about the poor people in the thirdy world, that's why they give them our customer service jobs even though they can't speak very good English in the thirdy world and don't get paid very well either. I don't want to sound like a nag, but spam fritters are not very good for you, neither is dominatrix pizza.... they both from E number city which is where the crazy nazi eugenics scientists live.

  3. Corned beef fritters are a great delicacy, and like all great dishes easy to cook and prepare.

    Just make a batter, dunk thick slices of nutritious corned beef in batter, wallop into the frying pan, then serve with a dollop of baked beans on top and voila !

    As an enhancement I'd recommend serving cheese fritters as well, cooked in the same way as corned beef but a little more tricky as the cheese tends to melt rapidly, but worth the effort.

  4. Been there with the banks and endless codes and security information. Recently had a call at 8pm in the evening from an Asian sounding chap, introducing himself as a member of the banks fraud unit, who wanted to know my mother's maiden name and my memorable address. When I responded to the effect that if he was really from my bank he should already know that, he said they had to establish they were speaking to the right person.

    My response that it was he that was calling me and how did I know who he was, nonplussed him. Two days later I got a letter outlining what they wanted to know. Much easier than remembering my long forgotten memorable address.

    With you all the way on corn beef fritters, Tony, for I grew up on them with corn beef hash for variety.

  5. Far better to use a password that is only known to you and your bank than just to rely on the card number and 3 digit signature that is know to umpteen retailers that could have your details hacked into.

    Sounds like you dont care much for British banks, you could used a Spanish one or an Irish one.

  6. Gormet cooking Tony. Your post made me late getting to the table for my chinese curry and chips. I laughed so much when I did get to the table I had to explain your dilemma about banks corned beef friters and pizza made a good talking point over dinner.

  7. With you on the corned beef fritters, great.

    If you want a good bank try First Direct (HSBC online) brilliant website banking, haven't spoken to anyone for years, just enter the bill amount when received and tell it what day you want it paid. I used to be late paying bills but haven't missed a payment day in years since joining FD, and if you want a mortgage try their offset, brilliant saving vehicle (tax free savings)

    Buy your corned beef and beans at Waitrose/Tesco/Asda/Sainsbury and pay by debit card - job done.

  8. HSBC the world global bank offered to manage my Dad's probate, to be fair, my Dad banked there, and when I called into the Branch in Canterbury, the chappy, clocked the name, and realised I was his brother in laws, sister in law's cousin, bare with, this is Thanet we are talking about :) I lie I turned out to be his sis in law's coz, but he recognised the last name, the chap did a good job to the point he could, as in finding any accounts my Dad had, my Dad had 2 I didn't know about and Mum 1 (she had been dead a while) not a whole heap of money but accounts I would never of known about without his help, but after that I had to deal with the worlds local bank!!!
    ever tried explaining probate to an Indian?? I lost it! I just wanted to have figures to take to the court, they chap didn't even understand what Probate meant.
    I had to speak to people in India for information that I had to gain from the UK, but they couldn't give me unless I had been through the process....AHHHHHHH!
    that said I was lucky as much as I unearthed bank accounts I never heard from, before My Dad died, I had power of attorney, which made it little easier, best for me was Alliance and Leicester, all in house, but by the book as in list of accounts and funds but not releasing funds until probate. worst HSBC, but truly crap Sainbury's Bank who would not on the legal forms (attorony) when Dad was alive, refused to tell me a thing unless I sent my bank statements!!!! er! none of their business! I sent one with all my Money numbers blanked they refused to play ball! when dad died, they where the only bank on presentation of the death cert, they sent me a check in MY name??? WTF! I did Dad's probate myself and in case you are worried, Tony you can access probates, and the stupid Sainbury's mistake was listed :)
    I don't trust banks an inch

  9. Turning this into "best bank stories"

    I received a HSBC credit card statement showing I owed 1p interest.

    This was before on-line banking and as a cheque would cost more than the amount I ignored it.

    Next month I received a statement with an added £12 fine. When I rang Delhi to complain I received a scripted reply, and the only offer of help was "time to pay if I couldn't afford it".

    At which point I realised I may as well be talking to a brick wall and terminated the conversation.
    A letter by "snail-mail had more effect and I received a refund but no apology.

  10. A very large proportion of students marching are well aware politically,they are fully aware of the NWO strangulation from the banking sector,i am far from advocating violence,but the students seem to know where the anger should be directed,and that is straight at the banks.The awakening is in full swing.

  11. The repeal of the Glass–Steagall Act of 1933 effectively removed the
    separation that previously existed between Wall Street investment banks
    and depository banks and has been blamed by some for exacerbating the
    damage caused by the collapse of the subprime mortgage market that led
    to the Financial crisis of 2007–2010.

  12. I love spam fritters not so keen on the corn beef Tony.

    This is another brave man bumped off for telling the truth about the banksters and corrupt governments

    And yes they are all corrupt, he will be sorely missed by all especially those who will replace him.

    Christopher Story - EU Corruption Part 1/3

    "They came for the Communists, and I didn't object - For I wasn't a Communist; They came for the Socialists, and I didn't object - For I wasn't a Socialist;They came for the labor leaders, and I didn't object - For I wasn't a labor leader;They came for the Jews, and I didn't object - For I wasn't a Jew;Then they came for me - And there was no one left to object."

    [Martin Niemoller, German Protestant Pastor, 1892-1984]