Sunday, December 04, 2011

Don’t you just wish Christmas started later!


Is there anything more irritating than that first Christmas reference, the inappropriate advert in September, “seasonal merchandise” in shops in October and flipping mince pies in early November, or worse still cynical mentions by er…..;-) well anyway its out there I see Simon Moores, is worried that he might overlook someone, me (Billy no mates) I have no such concerns I just hope, I manage to navigate my way through Christmas and out the other side without offending more than usual although it’s a policy of mine, not to ingratiate myself with anyone just, my honest views, some get it some don’t.

Not being a christian, other than by birth, schooling and perhaps in a future deathbed, born again sort of scenario, I have to say that I don’t think you can beat mainstream Christianity for laying on a good excuse for the British population, to eat drink and lounge about for two weeks each winter, more exotic religions seem to have a contempt for fun and humanity in general.

So far, Christmas has yet to manifest itself here at Flaig Mansions, although no doubt any day now, Mrs Me will either be ordering me into the loft to retrieve tinsel tat, untangle lights, assemble Christmas Trees a particular favourite of mine, especially last years Marks & Sparks one, which after I checked the price, provoked a brisk conversation along the lines of how flippin much, creating an atmosphere almost as chilly as last years rather arctic blast.

Anyhow there should be no further upsets over trees, as apparently last years will last years, I’m semi convinced although the attic contains a forest of trees from the last thirty years or so.

Enjoy Christmas, it’s one of those defining things, that makes us British, I’m sure whether you’re a christian or not, the legacy of freedom, decency, justice, humanity and honesty is worth celebrating, certainly preferable those alternatives with dubious attitudes to women and humanity in general.

Still as glib as I might seem I always look forward to being able to listen to Kirsty Macoll and the Pogues, Fairytale of New York, and it’s one piece of music I mentioned before (2007), I hate being mucked about with as I think Tesco’s current TV ads have done, anyway enjoy Christmas.


Mrs Me having just read this post would like me to correct “This load of B*ll*cks!” pointing out that last years Decs “have yet to reach the Flipping attic!” adding something like “is this the sort of Sh…………………………….” you write, Ouch! and er yes as it happens,

Before things turn too ugly I’m off to Tesco’s for veg!


  1. Happy Christmas to you too, Tony, and let us hope we don't awaken after it to find a red flag flying over Thanet for the new year. I know Christmas is a time for 'heart felt' thanks giving, but Comrade Hart would be little cause for festive cheer.

  2. Tesco? I thought you were opposed to them & liked to support local shops (& anyway you'll probably find most veg cheaper at the excellent greengrocers in Birchington!).

  3. I love the pogues version to. Happy Christmas Tony

  4. The question was "Don’t you just wish Christmas started later!".

    It wasnt do you think cllr Hart will be a good Thanet leader, or why you should not shop in Tescos.
    Why do these people go off topic

    So back to the question. |selling xmas good should be like selling fireworks law. 20 days before the actual day and 5 after.
    But it will never happen there are too many vested interests.
    But cllr Hart could introduce a few bye laws making it an offence for local to buy veg and xmas goods in Tescos.

  5. Not off topic at all when Tony has also posted anti-Tesco threads here recently. How can someone be against something yet use still use it when alternatives are available?

  6. 3:30 You really must pay more attention, Tony said he was off to Tesco and Will never said anything about Hart making a good leader. Even in a season of goodwill to all men that would be impossible.

  7. 1530 hours

    Whilst having reservations about the over commercialisation of Christmas, I must admit to some liking for seeing seasonal things in October.

    I hate winter, but feel that once Christmas is over, together with the shortest day, we are on the downhill to spring. I know it is false comfort, but the sight of cards and wrapping helps me to feel we are on the way. Sherry and mince pies also help!

  8. Peter you are such a pain.

    Seasons Greetings to everyone else.

  9. So Tesco is ok when it's convenient & not ok at other times? Reminds me of the anti airport brigade who fly abroad for their holidays. Or perhaps it's only the Margate one that Tony is against, so once it's built he'll drive past it & go to Westwood Cross on principal...

    As for Christmas greetings, it's weeks away. I'll probably buy my presents around the 23rd from Birchington charity shops as I usually do.

  10. I think the term "hypocrite" is what you are looking for, Anon 4.12.

  11. Or "self-centred" perhaps?