Wednesday, October 29, 2008

In my opinion - Should we blame shallow celebs?

As a libertarian I just wonder if we can blame entirely celebs like Ross and Brand, for their actions, we the British public regularly tune into see or hear their mediocre talents and skills.

Jonathan Ross has apparently made a career out of sycophantic interviews mixed with innuendo, which if he was some spotty school boy talking to his mates would not be out of the ordinary, Russell Brand less well known, has a confrontational style of humour which from what I've seen, relies almost exclusively on his sexual appetites, both of whom provide mindless entertainment for adults who choose to watch or listen to their performances, which for me is OK.

Still the controversy raging over their, school boy, antics in making what can really only accepted as arrogant offensive telephone calls to Andrew Sachs is not just some storm in a tea cup, its a chance for the public to express their distaste of celebrates or anyone thinking, they are somehow immune from common decency, I hope that both Jonathan Ross, and Russell Brand find themselves unemployable for some time.

If either of these jokers feel offended, they might like to consider how ordinary members of the public would be treated, leaving abusive messages on the answer phones belonging to the elderly, I'd like to think that society would be harsh.

I think yobbish behaviour toward any 78 year old, broadcast as entertainment is a new low for broadcasters even after last years fraudulent quiz shows.

If you want make yourself sick I suggest you take a butchers at this page from the BBC Click here, Russell Brands to view his latest performance!


  1. Perhaps people expressed their distaste because it is a media issue ? Ipso facto the audience feel empowered that their opinion will count.

    I think it is good that the people have spoken.

    Just wish they would be as bold when it comes to more serious matters like this ?

  2. What worries me just a little is the rapid growth in complaints that followed on from media coverage of this dismal episode in the BBC's inept management of its affairs. Did the sudden growth to 10,000 and now 18,000 complainants just join the band-wagon? Did they actually listen to the programme? How valid are the numbers?

  3. Once again the Daily Mail has stirred up a storm in a teacup as part of its ongoing campaign against the BBC. I wonder how many of the thousands of complainants actually listened to the programme? Apparently only two people rang on the night to register their distaste.

    That said Wussell and Wossie certainly overstepped the mark. Maybe they thought the producer would edit it out. Maybe the producer didn't have the bottle to cut it. I've worked with Andrew Sachs and I must say he certainly didn't deserve this, he's one of the most affable and professional performers I know.

  4. I think at a time when young people have been getting killed in the Middle East, when people are taxed and stuck into recession and standards appear to have slipped in general, people are fed up with over-paid and perceived arrogant and ignorant celebrities whose bad behavior is mirrored by impressionable people. These celebrities then go back to their gated apartments, secure house etc and don't have to put up with what the rest of us have to.

  5. Johnathan Ross has no honour. Having said that, no coincidence that the issue has blown up the way it has in a press owned by Murdoch who also owns much of the broadcasting competition.

  6. There's no doubt that what those two did was wrong and needed to be dealt with. However, the furore that has followed is out of all proportion, fuelled by hypocritical tabloids and broadcasters who are envious of Mr. Ross's ridiculously over-generous pay-packet. We are all suffering now as I used to enjoy JRs broadcasting and the bland drivel that I'm listening to on R2 in place of his Saturday show is making me feel ill.

  7. bit like the time that you mentioned you liked eating sausage rolls and fake braking when you had a biker behind you.

    The people spoke then eh tubby ;-)

    LG ;-)

  8. I have listened in the past to Mr Ross and Mr Brand, Only once I have to admit. I can say that they are not my chosen choice of entertainment. However the broadcast was not 'live' so who allowed it to go out? It should be down to them. Having said that, Mr Brand seems to have a strange way of conducting relationships. The idea of having made love to someone and then boasting about it on an answering machine seems to indicate a bit of a personality defect.

  9. I don't like Brand. If he is on, I change channel! Q.E.D.

  10. a load of out of hand bandwaggon jumping bullshit. Re instate brand and ross.

    His granddaughter is hardlylittle miss innocent isnt she.