Saturday, October 11, 2008

Westwood Cross and the Costa Muffins

Thought for the Day

As ever I like to bring you the big stories, the ones that matter to all, and this is it. Last Saturday strolling around the wind swept Westwood Cross shopping area, in the company of Mrs Me, after some pleading, agreement was reached, to give the shopping a break and sit down, with a cup of coffee.

Shuffling along in rather a long queue, we eventually got parallel with the cakes, having built up an appetite, I suggested that we each have a cake or muffin, to soak up one of those bladder filling buckets of coffee, they call, cups.

Not having our glasses we focused on the prices, of their confections, which offered two prices on each type, not being able to read the small print underneath the price, we at first assumed that they were offering a generous discount for two, however, on checking the offer (with glasses on), the lower price was for chomping the cake outside, with a special premium price for consumption inside the premises.

This naturally (for me) this raised the question, what if on purchase of maybe a blueberry muffin, I decided to go for the take out price, then as swam through a lake of coffee, got hungry, would I then be charged with theft, non payment of rent or what.

Fortunately for me this dilemma, didn't arise as the young lady serving us, assumed that we would not be able to resist instant gratification and charged the higher price anyway. I say we, but Mrs Me declined, although typically demanded a little bit of my muffin*, which if I don't give into, results in accusations of being "greedy".

Anyway I been leaving the house at five in the morning this week and not returning till seven or later in the evening, no doubt I've missed fearless Thanet Councillors putting up a sterling defence to China Gateway developers, must get a paper.

*I personally believe I've had better and reckon that £1.75 is a tad overpriced! ( A sausage & egg McMuffin comes to you freshly cooked for only £1.59 in store or take away!) ( not a direct comparison I know)


  1. I have heard that Westwood Cross intend to start charging for the car park. Can you confirm?

  2. Having just got off phone to daughter 2 and being told grandson too ill to eat but could force a cake or maybe a happy meal I can see the comparison as being valid. either way still bleedin dear for a cake.......... note to self eat before going to WWC note to add to previous notes to self YOU DONT GO TOO WWC...... oops forgot I am under self imposed excile

  3. You don't want to know haw many cakes could be made at home for that price.

  4. Well, these prices are the same at most coffee shops these days. I think you have to bear in mind inflation and perhaps you need to get out more.