Thursday, October 02, 2008

Ladyman China Gateway Advocate

Just a quick point, and I understand bertie biggles also gives it a mention, Ladyman in this weeks Thanet Extra apparently sets out to dispels myths in his column over China Gateway.

In common with other pro China Gate advocates, he suggest upwards of 2000 jobs will be created but despite dispelling myths, bases this on what appears to be conjecture and bull.

One fact we do know in all this, is that Stephen Ladymans constituency party benefited to the tune of £25,000, Ken Wills told Kent on Sunday newspaper that he "made the £25,000 donation because he wanted to support Dr Ladyman, who, he said, has a “visionary” view of how to develop the area".

Lucky coincidence that both Ken Wills of CGP and Ladyman MP (till the next election) support the China Gateway vision.

I just wonder what my vision would be like should someone decide to plonk £25,000 towards Bignews Margates office expenses, naturally I would declare such a donation but would it er cloud my judgement.

I must say I found Roger Gales View to be a tad more balanced.


  1. It was sad to read that Cllr Iris Johnston supports Dr Ladyman's postion on the China Gateway, but I still respect her as a follow socialist.

  2. I'm voting green party - I am fed up with Labour's two faces

  3. Iris Johnson must agree with steve after all she sees herself as an MP. if that happens it wont be 75,00 a year laeving Great Britain it will be 75,00 a year leaving Thanet,in two years the place will be empty.

  4. "a “visionary” view of how to develop the area".

    So that would be Mr Wills visionary view too then.


  5. We know Iris might not be forward with telling the truth but she has ba**s and is expert at shifting the blame on to other. She is very clever.

  6. I wouldn't be so sure about stating that Cllr Johnston fully supports Ladyman's comments 9.45.

  7. Are you referring to my old mate Steve who wrote that the death of a child patient in post op ICU due to Petbow backup generator failure "Is not his concern" ?

    Cummins was his concern when it was about scoring seven million of grant aid for them from public funds.

    Is there a bit of a pattern emerging ?

  8. 08:47:00 PM
    she is a two faced moo