Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Mr Puss is none to pleased having read my interview with Tom Betts in today's yourthanet, first off he is not happy being portrayed as some sort of household accessory, nor does he like cheap publicity, like an unauthorised photo of himself being published inside The Gazette. He would also like to refute the idea that he spends most of his time, asleep, not something he's aware of.

The inference that he is just some air head, is one that hurts the most, in an attempt to refute this line of thinking Puss has been involved in some tough experiments in cognition. Recently his powers of reasoning, perception and dexterity were put to the test with remarkable results, which like all great discovery's was the result of chance.

After he had been complaining about a well know brand of cat food, I dismissed his objections, as I put down his dinner, with a phrase I remembered from my childhood "you'll just have to sort the bones out of that!", the purpose of which I think was to distract inquisitive children. Anyhow Mr Puss obviously took this as a challenge, since ten minutes later that's exactly what he'd done sorted out the bone shaped bits.

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Finally Mr Puss hopes to see this blog return to more serious comment tomorrow.

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  1. What's it like being famouse Tony?

  2. I will let you know when it happens matt

  3. I see you called me a 'prima donna' in yourfannitinnit.

    You can expect a letter from my highly trained pack of media lawyers by return.

  4. Sorry if I offended your feline chum, Tony.
    Do pass my deepest apologies to Mr Puss.
    Would hate to feel I'm in the dog house (or should that be cat house?) with regards to Thanet's most famous pet.
    A tin of dolphin-friendly tuna has been despatched via Parcelforce!


  5. Tony thanks for the Thanet Coast Life mention in your fannit, my new blog address for Thanet Coast Life is

  6. Under our contract with Mr Puss the Isle of Thanet Gazette was given the right to re-produce the picture of Mr Puss whenever we feel we need a picture of Mr Puss in the paper.

    I am more than happy to take this up with him if he wants to give me a call but I won't stand for this libellous commentary of my working practice on your blog.

    Also I have reason to believe that Tom Betts has not as he claimed sent out the tuna via Parcelforce. We have been in contact with the press office there and they have no record of such a shipment.