Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thanet Tory's washed up on our Sandy Beaches

I note that "This is Kent" (also Thanet Times) website has the story of Thanet councils new sell off, as you will know, Northdown House is currently under threat of being sold off, it appears Thanet Council is hell bent on selling this, come what may, and will probably ignore the covenants protecting Northdown Park estate, just to spite the local community.

Anyway it seems that Roger Latchford joined Doug Brown, major projects?, and Justin Thompson asset manager to announce the new asset sale list which includes at least one old favourite the Montefiore Games Centre, although no Northdown House, apparently they'll have another consultation and attempt to sidestep obligations to maintain the listed property by doing some deal with the usual rag bag of developers so loved by TDC.

I just wonder when and if Roger Latchford and Sandy Ezekiel will get together and actually give a consistent answer on Northdown House.

Fresh controversy, as Thanet council delves to the bottom of the barrel or rather edge of the island, with a couple of sections of beach, at Marine Terrace Margate (is that part of the main beach) and Viking Bay Broadstairs (blimey that will upset the ambience, still their quite snobby in those parts).

Quite what you would do with a bit of beach, I'm not sure but maybe you could flog it off to a local publican or caterer and put lines of deck chairs out like they do in some parts of the Med.

Anyway what an achievement, Sandy and co will effectively close part of our beaches just to fill the holes created in finances by his administration, I believe TDC literature refers to 27 miles of beaches, perhaps in future they'll have to add that you'll need to get your wallet out for some of them.

What a legacy Sandy's building, Margate High St. dead, millions wasted on the M&S building in Margate, Dreamland dead and buried, and now two beaches presumably to be fenced off, two museums closed in the last few months, Margate Library turned into an extension of TDC offices mainly dealing with housing benefits enquiries, rates and fines. What more can this crowd do ?

The stark reality of course is this Thanet Council, is probably over staffed and inefficient, so these assets sales will take some of our heritage and in the short term, the council will put off the day it has to address the real fiscal problems, but sooner or later someone's going to have to sort Thanet Councils administration.

If Sandy and Roger can't sort things out perhaps it's time someone within the local conservative party with a bit of backbone consulted there colleagues, and ousted the current leadership.


  1. We must apply for the section of beach to become common land.
    What a bloody nerve this council has got.

  2. Could it be that TDC has been so busy looking after CGP's interests since 2007 that they have allowed all other projects to fall apart. There is still no plan in for Dreamland and unlikely for at least 8 months according to Waterbridge. So that means '2009 season' in Margate can be added to the growing number of years that the Dreamland site has been left derelict. This is the site described by an Independent Inspector as being the 'key' to Margate's regeneration. What a farce!

  3. sell the beach? I had to check if it was 1st April

  4. A bit of backbone might make a nice change don't you think?

  5. "One idea is for a beach cafe, restaurant or holiday accommodation to be built at Viking Bay in Broadstairs.

    Part of the Main Sands in Margate close to the lifeboat memorial could also make way for a new leisure development"

    Hmm. I forsee flats.

  6. Would you let us know where you got that info please, 01:09 thank you

  7. Certainly. Here is a link.


    Copy and paste into address bar.

  8. I wonder if the beach in margate is going to be where they are going to put a sealife centre-in which case that would be great for the area,anyone know?
    thanks Lily

  9. Why would anyone try to sell their assets at a time of global economic crisis? What is the specific reason for selling? More flats and houses? Why are TDC building twice as many new homes as they have to? Like everything else connected with this Council it's all a bit smelly.

  10. So if the government doesn't give them any cash to build swimming pools or other facilities for my kids, where should the council get the money from? Invest in a weekly lottery ticket?

    And why should it sit on assets that could be better used?

    Or are you just complaining because you like complaining?

  11. The money raised from selling Manston road allotments (4.5million so far) was meant to pay for the new swimming pool. So no. We are not complaining just for the sake of it actually.

  12. You are obviously somebody who knows the inner workings of TDC. Are you saying that the money for the allotments was allocated and signed off to the pools but was then spent on something else?

  13. The plight of the car park in Broadstairs was raised and how unsightly it is - now i see money has been found to resurface it from the 2nd homes fund? Wonderful where "our Shirl" magics up the cash?