Sunday, October 05, 2008


Kent police have offered compensation to animal rights activists, the protesters who had planned to demonstrate were turned back from Dover docks by Kent police who escorted their coach back to London.

This was reported in the independent newspaper a few days ago, apparently Kent police threatened the protesters with arrest, photographed the occupants of the coach including a disable child and several elderly people and would not allow the coach to stop for breaks on the journey back.

The coach party was made up of ALF supporters, the ALF apparently advocates economic damage on those it considers profit from exploitation of animals, and its likely that mainstream opinion would be that their views are extreme but whether you agree with their aims or not, surely whilst people are behaving lawfully its not for Kent police to arbitrarily withdraw normal civil liberties and effectively arrest British citizens for membership of groups that aren't every ones cup of tea.

I see in today's Kent on Sunday that Michael Fuller (Kent's Chief Constable) is possibly considering applying for the vacant position of Metropolitan Police Commissioner, maybe before he leaves he might like to say sorry or have the officer responsible apologise to those who appear to have had been unlawfully denied the right to protest.

Whether we agree or not with various political groups, citizens have a right to protest lawfully, and since Kent police have already offered to pay out £1,250 to 32 citizens in an out of court settlement, clearly Kent police aren't just giving our hard earned cash because they feel generous, so lets hope apart from saying sorry, Mr Fuller also sees that the officer responsible is penalised, it may not occur to the average copper but civil liberties are one of those things their supposed to protect.

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  1. I am a retired policeman and it needs to be said that these Animal rights people are nutters, and should all be locked up. Our hard earned taxes should not go to these people. Many of them are woman that sleep with other woman for a start.

  2. There are many nutters in this world, and presumabley the ALF has its fair share, but how does that give the right to police officers to trample on civil rights.

    I take it your a liberal, since I assume you'd advocate shooting them otherwise!

  3. Well said, Tony. I wonder how kent's finest will view protesters outside TDC Offices on Thursday? Lock 'em all up?

  4. I was thinking of having a punt on Fuller getting the Met job. I think Home Secretary wants him out of Kent.

    Anon 8 32 typifies the police psychology and it is malignant.

    "I am a retired policeman it needs to be said ... "

    Why not "My view is ..."

    "Our hard earned taxes should not go to these people ...." Hopes to identify with the mob and has no appreciation that these protestors probably are tax payers

    "Many of them are woman that sleep with other woman for a start"

    Not very mature eh. If no one vulnerable or weak is being exploited or hurt it is no one's business. If what people do adds to the sum total of human joy I say good luck.

    And I wonder how many of the protestors have hit themselves in the face to blame on a prisoner to attempt to excuse an assault ? How many have murdered their own family and then committed suicide ? How many have broken a handcuffed prisoner neck ? How many have falsified records and been convicted of criminal conspiracy and yet allowed to keep their job ? How many have written Godawful poems and inflicted them on the public

    "I have been where you fear to be and I did it for yooooo"

    "I have seen what you fear to see and I did it for yooooo"

    Fingers in throat gagging now. The poetry of Supt George Rogers.

    Kent County Clownstabulary

    "They should all be locked up" I take it Kent Police did not bother with Tything Man, Constable, Magna Carta principles of law in the thorough training of this specimen.

  5. I am a well known person that is against the China Gateway, and I am also one of those, woman that sleeps with other woman that our retired police officer talks about. He,and people like him are one of the reasons that we must be seen to protest peacefully on Thursday. I agree with most of what 11:06:00 PM wrote.

  6. As a christian I am against people being gays,but it is unfair to say that all of us that protest have that sickness.

  7. Odd collection of anons on tonight. I think I'll keep my comment to myself. Hi. Bye.

  8. I agree with you matt, they should not be allowed to hold those views, free speech is over rated anyway

  9. matt are you judging the gay woman as odd or the christian bigot?

  10. I am a Christian but still love Gays and Lesbians But I an not so sure about police officers who want to lock ut "nutters" so where would you start shall we say Gays and Lesbians you obviously dont like then LOCK EM UP. kids who get excluded from school LOCK EM UP Menopausal women LOCK EM UP racists including all of the Met police racists LOCK EM UP......... You wouldnt have been asked to 'RETIRE' early would you? before you were LOCKED UP.