Sunday, July 01, 2012

Wildlife at Wingham

In grandad mode this weekend, so fairly busy, couldn't give a toot for politics, have yet to scan the Sunday papers, pleasantly surprised yesterday by the quality and variety of Wingham Wildlife Park, having driven past many, many times thinking it's something to visit later and later rarely comes.

Still thankfully have one of our wonderful grand children staying for the weekend, so no excuse for sitting at home festering in front of laptop.

Spent around four hours and could have spent longer, although the car park was busy, inside the park, it didn't seem overly crowded, marvellous to sit and watch flamingoes, even better to watch our granddaughter enchanted by the meerkats.

Have to say that the park was has some great opportunities for children to have contact with animals  and importantly for parents of young children hand cleaner is available at every location where they come into contact.

A great variety of animals to see, even butterflies in the tropical section marvellous, and if you cannot find anything to enjoy, at Wingham Wildlife Park I'd surprised. I now regret driving past so often. Below is some film of a butterfly.


  1. glad you had a great time, I have been out with two of my grandsons this afternoon. I like you keep meaning to go too wingham bird park.

  2. My kids loved it there when they were young. That and the now defunct Minster Museum.
    Have you recently mucked about with your mobile settings? I can no longer post comments from my BlackBerry, only from a laptop. Same applies to Thanetonline

    1. I have added word verification, this might cause problems on mobiles although I have noted problems sometimes with my Iphone using the default browser safari and find Opera will work, when safari doesn't.

      The problem is occasional but generally occurs after a long winded comment, in which case I copy the text to the note pad then open Opera.

      Never had a blackburry,

    2. How refreshing to see snaps of a pleasing place, somewhere that evokes memories of happy days when my kids were small, without it becoming a photo opportunity for Will the Younger to pop up for a quick snap behind the meerkats. Worse still would be shots of that swimming leader, exercising around the flamingo pool without get his coiffured barnet wet. Just as well Tony went and not Michael, eh?