Wednesday, July 04, 2012


I've been preoccupied every two years, assuming I want to eat, by that I mean keep working, on the railway in my case, it's necessary to redo track safety courses, not the toughest thing in the world but even experienced people fail the basic competency, anyway I've had three days of new rule books, changed terms, tests and scenarios and flippin safety videos many of which are available on youtube but worth a gander for anyone who thinks the railway is playground..

Anyways the subject of other safety related videos came up, one of which was mentioned but not available at the time was this one in which at least one and possibly a couple of distracted trainspotters were lucky to not kill themselves,  Still little is new in this world and I stumbled across this next item a safety film for London Underground I guess from the 1940's? showing that the idea of using film to get over a message is not new, I just hope that they didn't electrocute one of the workers just to illustrate the dangers, fortunately safety is much improved, I can't imagine for a minute using un-insulated shovel near a live conductor rail (650-750 volts) Tomorrow hopefully I shall resume normal service.

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  1. Thanks Tony. They don't make em like they used to!