Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Frankly tales of Kent's Conservative council secretive inner circle, drain me, but fortunately should you wish indulge, an interesting story appears courtesy of KentOnline and Paul Francis.

The last few years, of writing this blog, it has been clear to me that residents are deliberately, presented information by Kent Council, which in the main suits the ruling Conservative party. 

Over the years it has been difficult to come by information, on various issues, media spend, lavish payments to staff, councillors use of chauffeur driven limousines, expensive travel, entertainment, it seems only the freedom of information act, has allowed the grudging trickle of information, it's seems apparent, that Paul Carter's administration will never allow us, to know for instance how Kent child services degenerated to point that placed children at risk in the county and who is responsible.

Boring as it has become, it seems Kent Council leader Tory Cllr Paul Carter and his cabinet are once again sitting on information that should be in the public domain.

Understand this, not just cranks tapping out blogs are uncomfortable with the secrecy surrounding KCC, I'm sure last December quite a few of Carter's own colleagues were disquieted that for some weeks the senior officer of the council had been away from her desk for some long time before Paul Carter decided to mention a hitherto secret redundancy.

Some businessmen in Kent have been perturb as Kent Council has in the last few years, blundered into various commercial activities, still you'll be pleased to know that a report has been prepared independently, unfortunately if you've read Paul Francis account or even if you haven't you probably wont be shocked to find out that although the report has been recently leaked to Kent Messenger papers, Paul Carter and his inner circle choose not to release it to fellow councillors.

Paul Carter and other senior Conservative councillors hold their cards close to chest, still it's an unfortunate irony that the money on the table is that of hard working taxpayers of Kent and not the personal property of Tory toffs. 


  1. Interesting Tony we seem to have created an industry of politicans and civil servants - and associated rubberstamps like the LGA and public unions - where it suits both of them to cover up failure and waste for as long as possible.

    Top Temps is especially naughty: not just completely undercutting the recruitment industry - but allowing semi-secret and supposedly discounted staffing-up and temps at KCC.

  2. This article simply serves to illustrate why the present coalition is such a bizarre union of conflicting view points. Terms like Tory toffs one expects from the cloth cap ranks of Labour, but one envisaged the Lib/Dems being a bit more middle England. Seemingly not, and condemnation of Conservaties on rumour, hearsay and assumption, even trial by newspaper, would appear in order.

  3. Mis-information is the stock in trade of KCC. For them to say only 150 households would be disadvantaged by the closure of Richborough recycling site is simply ludicrous

    1. Ken, such is the way of politicians when facing the need to cut costs. Bit like accusing the last government of not supplying the armed forces with enough equipment and then, when in office, cutting back the army numbers to equal the pairs of boots you have. Then they call that a Strategic Defence Review. What is certain is that they all do these window dressing jobs supported by statistic gathered with the end result already in mind, as with Richborough. It is not unique to Tories, KCC or even TDC. It is the way the game is played.

    2. Ken, you are so right there. I read the consultation, it is so one sided and exaggerated. I am currently reading the KCC Kent Minerals and Waste Development Framework and they have big plans for Richborough.

  4. It seems to me that local politicians behaviour comes from monumental arrogance rooted in the belief that they are not really answerable to anyone but themselves.

    1. yes and to a large extent they're right. So few votes to be elected they could just about vote each other in - hence the husband and wife teams.

      And a lot of it is the little hitler syndrome.

      No policies just we're in charge because we're in charge.

      Or blathering about national policies. Or mainly just utter blank silence.

  5. The military is far too large and each service duplicating troops and weapons. Excellent cuts by the Tories and more needed now the Cold War is over.

    We can only put 10k troops into Afgan or Iraq so that's our limit now.

    Agree the MOD is utterly incompetent.

    1. Point you miss, though touch the edge of with your MOD comment, is that the plan was to reduce the pen pushers in proportion to the combat personnel. In fact the cuts in uniformed personnel are greater in numbers than those of MOD civil sevants, so the percentage of pen pushers to active troops has increased.

      Obviously you are not exactly up to speed on military matters for to keep 10,000 troops in combat requires several times that number for rotation and support. On top the British army has commitments in other places simultaneously. Some duties are of a garrison type, some in training support and others peace keeping.

      Once the present cuts go through it is doubtful this country would be able to deploy 10,000 combat troops again. The cold war may be over but is the world any less dangerous.

      Politicians made the same mistakes after World War I and thought there was no more threat. They got that wrong so can we be confident this time.

    2. Whats this got to do with the topic of "Kent Tories in yet another cover up"? You Are posting on the wrong blog.

    3. OK 4:34 but followed on from bureaucracy etc. On 2:47 though there wasn't a proportional reduction as such. There should certainly have ben greater MOD cuts.

      But the troop cuts are still required. A less dangerous world? Yes. A few terrorists and civil wars. You don't need armies for that.

      Extra troops for support etc? Sure but then there becomes the normal public sector padding and sending icecream instead of flak jackets.

      Afghanistan couldn't even get helicopters deployed.

    4. Both of you are off topic and have hijacked Tony's blog by following you own agendas. A bit like spam!

    5. What topic are you on, 5:44, or are you one of the dreaded Diversity Champion's blog wardens? Don't you think Tony is big enough to monitor his own blog without you throwing in your two pennyworth?

    6. Tom,

      I must honestly say that must be the first blog posting you have written that I agree with every word.

    7. Thanks, Tony B, for at least it proves that I am not a party clone clinging to every central office edict. Don't even get me started on elected Lords, gay marriage and Ark Royal, but that's another day.

  6. A report a few years back cleared KCC of giving an unfair advantage when doing business their commercial service. Business that a large number of Kent companies could do with to keep afloat. These are the businesses that the government would like to grow to provide future employment. These are the businesses that have risked their own money to keep going. Unlike KCC commercial service that uses tax payers money for capital.
    But I am not convinced that KCC does not favour its own operation. Take a look at the number of invoices over £500 that KCC pays to Top Temps, rather a lot. Using temp staff probably does not need to be put out to tender.

    Yss KCC makes about £6 millions on the services but they have recently been lacking in other parts of the operation that the cabinet is meant to supervice. Like the extra £11 millions mostly paid to outside consultants to sort out Childrens service.
    But there again the is the £1 million embezzed by an employee now in jail. maybe the secret report does not make good reading on the way commercial services are being run. Seems daft to make a profit on activities the private sector could provide but take a thumping hit on a core service.

  7. Top Temps to the auditor looks like any other recruitment agency. But it's in effect the KCC HR dept by another name.

    So it encourages staffing up as it's internal money/easy to request staff and takes work from private sector recruitment agencies.

    The profit is nominal by undercutting external rates as it's a tax service.

    As someone commented earlier, KCC is hugely overfunded and inept and desperately tries to appear financially competent.

    200k salaries? 87 lawyers? chauffeurs? It thinks it's central government rather than a smallish council.

  8. Sounds like someone is getting a panic-on especially the cranks at the top they must know the spotlight is coming their way.

    Under-performing agency social workers mistakenly taken back on by Kent County Council
    Agency social workers taken on by Kent County Council were re-employed -despite concerns they were considered to be below par, it has emerged.

    In January, KCC revealed it had spent more than £11m on temporary social workers to help turn round its failing children's services, of which £9.6m was on frontline staff and administrative employees.


  9. Mr Carter says

    "Following the recent conviction of nine members of a sex-grooming network in Rochdale, all councils must make sure they can properly safeguard teenagers placed in residential children’s homes, particularly those placed many miles from home, which increases their sense of vulnerability. These are young people at particular risk of being exploited by sex-grooming networks and it is extremely difficult for London boroughs, as the corporate parents, to properly safeguard these young people when they are placed so many miles away. "


    You don’t have to travel outside of Kent to be abused in “care” he must have forgotten all about the Kent Kendall House Child abuse scandal unfortunately for him we haven’t …..pull the other one its got bells on


    1. For all who remain compliant in child trafficking.

      Anyone fancy adopting and emigrating to America all paid for by the Kent ratepayer ?

      Mr Carter added quote: "There are very good reasons why authorities place some children far away from home “

      I wonder if he is referring to international child trafficking ?

      Don’t forget 3 children were shipped off to America apparently for ‘adoption’ at the cost of over £100.000 ‘supposedly’ an aunt & uncle became the “ mother & father” and a third child suddenly wasn’t ‘adopted’ at all but became a brother or sister
      instead of a cousin , all in the best interests of whom I wonder , confused you should be ?

      Wasn’t the law changed so that this didn’t happen ?

      Intercountry Adoption April 2010 - April 2011

      34 enquiries
      5 initial visits relating to Nigeria, Colombia, Russia, China and India
      1 assessment of change of approval from China to UK
      6 assessments linked to Pakistan, Colombia, Nigeria, Russia, Sierra Leone
      3 approvals linked to Russia, Sierra Leone, Pakistan
      3 placements 1 female child from Sierra Leone and 2 female children from
      4 post placement reports for China
      6 Annual reviews 5 linked with China and 1 linked with Thailand

      The organisations that KCC work with relating to intercountry adoption

      Intercountry Adoption Centre - Barnet, London
      Intercountry Adoption Section, Darlington, Department for Education
      Adoption Agencies Consultants Group in Intercountry Adoption (AACGICA)


  10. Can't wait for KCC turn.

    Fraud, Corruption, Sheffield City Council And Sir Bob Kerslake

    A major city with a £1.8 billion budget, fraud within Sheffield has affected both national and European funding streams.


  11. Social Services £1.2 billion child snatch fraud (British Utterly Corrupt Justice)

    Unbelievably, social services staff and solicitors are milking £1.2 billion nationally from our council tax and legal aid, by snatching 4,500 children annually from their parents on false pretexts they need to be adopted.

    They pick healthy children, under the age of 4 because they can’t remember their addresses to return home.

    Each year, 2,000 of these are under one year old.

    The resulting court battles, council specialists and consultants are then able to stretch out the custody, care, foster and adoption procedures for a year or more, pocketing up to a million per child.

    Wrecking young lives
    All this is our taxes, used to wreck innocent children’s lives and devastating the lives of parents, all for private profit and political dogma.

    The racket begins when social service officers identify poor or defenceless parents, preferably a single mother.

    They then snatch her child or children, quoting a false deficiency in her parenting.

    The next step is to call in consultants, either themselves or their associates, to prepare expensive, falsified psychiatric reports on both the children and the mother, for which they pay themselves as much as £25,000 a month in additional fees.

    They call in solicitors they work with, one to represent social services, one for the child.

    Except the one purporting to represent the child is actually working with social services too.

    Solicitors from hell
    The two sets of solicitors then work together against the interest of the mother and child, dragging out the affair for as long as possible, demanding more psychiatric reports, often taking the mother in to care too.

    The solicitors’ bills can grow to hundreds of thousands of pounds, more with deliberate delays and adjournments; the social services staff make fortunes out of the consultancy, and by providing housing at up to £800pw per child.

    The trauma the mother goes though is unbelievable; the trauma the children suffer with the separation and moving around inside the ghastly council care system, where many of them are abused, can be with them for life.

    None of that matters:

    there’s an average of £270,000 to be shared between social services staff and solicitors.

    Common Purpose is complicit
    This exploitation is enabled via the EU’s Common Purpose, a criminal organisation that manipulates our legal and local government systems for private profit, using members operating inside and outside government.

    If social workers need a firm of solicitors to act corruptly, the Common Purpose network has solicitors as members.

    If they need to shut up parents or grandparents, the CP network has members in the police, including the Chief Constables of entire forces, who will arrest them on trumped up charges.

    If they need external psychiatrists to falsify reports, CP has them.

    It has magistrates and judges as members.

    Training in trauma and brutality
    The creation of massive “trauma through injustice,” the snatching of children for forced adoption, is just one of over 200 Frankfurt School subversion techniques implemented in Britain by the EU since the 1950’s, with Common Purpose and the Freemasons implementing at the local level.

    There are two objectives:
    1. Trauma makes people live in fear of government; it controls them and makes them comply.

    2. It trains local leaders, like social services, councils and courts, to rule with the brutality a dictatorship like the EU will need to stay in power.

    The result is some parents commit suicide, most are damaged mentally, which Social Services then callously use in court to further justify their case.

  12. Our corrupt legal profession
    The former Chairman of the Law Society, Janet Paraskewa, is in Common Purpose, which may explain why corrupt lawyers are protected, instead of being struck off.

    The Law Society did not act when firms of solicitors scammed £800 million from the government’s compensation for miners.

    The Serious Fraud Office had to be called in to solicitors like Beresfords.

    Its is almost impossible for a parent to find an honest firm of family court solicitors to represent them.

    Perjury in secret courts
    In secret family courts, social workers and solicitors routinely commit perjury to pervert the course of justice.

    Instead of sentencing them to time in jail, our corrupt freemasonry judges, who are acting criminally, protect them.

    With nearly all our judges freemasons, implementing the freemasonry agenda of trauma through injustice, and playing their part to bring about the EU police state, a fair trial is now a rare exception.

    If solicitors or judges are exposed, they furiously threaten newspapers and individuals alike with injunctions and arrests.

    They appear to see perjury as their automatic right.

    British justice is now utterly corrupt at all levels.
    Each year 200 parents and grandparents, who attempt to expose this miscarriage of justice are sentenced by freemasonry judges to up to six months on false charges of contempt of court to shut them up.


  13. Where have we all heard this story before Kent SS perhaps, you have to remember that all authorities are linked and they like to pass around their 'best'officers ?

    Council forks out £124k in four months for sacked children's services boss

    A cash-strapped council paid £124,000 to its former director of children's services - for just four months' work.


  14. Of course they hold their cards close to their chest they all work for the Crown Agents set up in 1833

    911 Truth, Crown Agents, City of London, Twisted Sisters, Field McConnel Part 1


  15. For those that want to understand how wicked this corruption in child trafficking is listen to this by a former councillor.