Saturday, November 15, 2008

How many

I was about to bash out another post and noticed that this will be the 808th posting, I just wonder how many words I've used and how many politicians I've upset.

Maybe I'll take the weekend off.

Still one quick thought, I see in the local newspaper that Thanet's zealous council officers are busy issuing tickets for crimes such as dropping cigarette a butt, fine of £200 plus quoted I think and for non - payers of council tax, prison sentences, I just wonder how the public should treat council officers and members for the £4.5 million hole in finances or that multi million pound overspend on the old M&S building in Margate. I take it lynching is out of the question how about tarring and feathering, maybe not.


  1. Yes the old specks and planks biblical theme Tony.

    I have now obeyed the law of obligatory duty in Misprision of Treason to the letter and put some explanation on to the post.

    admittedly not a read for the faint of heart

    On your theme, of emphasis on the lesser offence and blind eye to the serious matters, I remember 1996.

    The IRA team had been pre-emptively arrested (Met and West Midlands Police)actually after carrying out recce on the Broad Oak sub station Canterbury.

    They had viable plans which would have blacked London and South East out for six months.

    This was the matter in which Kent Police had described warnings as "Unduly imaginative".

    The officer whose "Professional" opinion was that warnings were unduly imaginative was busy having a go at the Red Arrows Club over alleged spelling mistakes, or something, in its visitor book.

    I remember saying to him "That's it mate, you do the serious stuff like the Red Arrows Club calligraphic ability and I will tidy up the trivia like saving thousands of lives and safeguarding the nation's electrical supply from IRA attack.

    No sense of irony and pretty much no sense at all Kent Police.

    I warned you, partly in jest, a year ago that they would be DNA testing fag ends along with keeping DNA records of the Turner Centre exhibits.

  2. Well I think dropping fag ends(and chewing gum)on the streets is disgusting and should be stopped,but I havent seen any one enforce the law-only yesterday when I had the misfortune to visit The "Gateway"youths were all smoking and dropping their buts on the floor just outside the doors and the council workers did'nt even do a thing(even tho there is a tin thing on the wall to put them in!Just like litter dropping it is making our streets horrid.

  3. Don't get me started on the way the council treats Council Tax payers when it takes a disliking to them...

  4. Apparently you can smoke etc outside the court building as the council have no right to prosecute on Crown property for littering. Anyway in most cases a warning would be more appropraite than the draconian zero tolerance that is handed out even to old peolple who have accidently dropped their shopping receipt in the wind...No wonder there is little respect for this Council.

  5. Someone pointed out that it is against the UN bill of rights to imprison someone for debt.

  6. It is not illegal to imprison people for not paying Council Tax. Not sure what people on here are going on about.

  7. Think they have "got away with very little grief about how they have spent our money so unwisely" There seems to be little that sticks to these teflon tri - Latchford, Exeziel and Wise we can only hope.
    That they won't be re-elected next time as the ruling party i think goes without saying

  8. Thanks for the comments, I feel that whilst dropping a fag butt is reprehensible, £200 odd is over top.

    Still as a reformed smoker of god knows how long I would like see life imprisonment for blowing smoke in my direction, although I have to admit I miss smokers in restaurants as I can no longer give a sanctimonious look of distaste whilst tutting.

  9. In the case of council tax and community charge the magistrate must conduct a means enquiry and establish that the non-payment is a result of either wilful refusal or culpable neglect. Prison is really only used as a last resort for repeat offenders.