Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thought for the day - Government Barn Door closes almost

For Barn door I should have said Turnstile.

On November 27th, a new points based system, is introduced to curb migration from non-EU countries, apparently 200,000 jobs will now be off limits, however I understand from today's Guardian that 800,000 remain.

Now this means little to me, what I want to know is why, British citizens are being discriminated against, why construction sites are predominantly employing foreign nationals, when our own people are seeking work.

Why are employers are allowed to advertise non skilled jobs exclusively to East Europeans?

When if ever did you hear you local MP Tory or Labour speak up against the tide of immigration that has skewed the jobs market toward low wages and poor conditions? I can't remember Mr Gale or Mr Ladyman ever standing up for their constituents in any meaningful way?

A word that comes to mind when I think of our politicians, is betrayal, whilst they remain an almost exclusively protected British jobs market, those of us in the lower levels have been disenfranchised and sold down the river by remote pompous politicians who couldn't give a toss.

My apologies if I have offended readers but my intention is to upset those professional classes who don't have to compete on a daily basis with foreign nationals for their job unlike myself and co workers.

The fish tank? well maybe I ought to relax before posting and maybe not.


  1. You are right here, Tony. The whole problem of un-limited immigration via the EU or from outside the EU is that it impacts most on the less well off. Whether it be suppressing wages; competition for cheap accommodation; pressure on schools, dental and medical services, the greatest impact is and always has been on the less well off. Our 'Lords & Masters' are largely unaffected and thus fail to grasp there is a problem.

  2. Well said Tony!

    Lets have unregulated immigration, and then wonder why there is unemployment!

    It must be pondered how stupid the British public is though! Brown causes economic choas, then is hailed a saint for trying to get us out of the chaos he caused??

    He says jobs for the British, but allows unregulated immigration!

    And we stand by and let it happen! Any other country would be up in arms!

  3. Well I have just got to work and would estimate that 90 percent of the workforce are foreign.

    There must be something wrong some firms only employ foreign workers, I know there are many in thanet desperate for work

    It would be nice if either gale or ladyman stood up british nationals

  4. stood up for british nationals rather pushing people toward nutters like ukip or bnp

  5. tony, I have similar problems in my line of work.

    I've spent the past 18 months shipping jobs out to India. Other banks have been doing the same at different times over the past 10 years. The collective drain on potential roles for highly experienced bank employees, now that the business itself is retracting, will be huge.

    Not only companies employing cheaper labour here, but they are doing it elsewhere at the detriment of our working population.

    FYI - the roles that are going offshore are not necessarily for university grads. In my experience its usually o level/a level standard roles going.

  6. Lets be clear about something. There is only one group of people responsible for low wages and bad working conditions in this country. Employers.
    Wages and conditions in Thanet were rubbish a long time before there were any Poles, Estonians or Uzbekistanis working here.
    The people responsible for inadequate dentist, doctor and educational facilites are Governments and local authorities.
    If you all spent as much time and effort pressurising the people who are actually to blame for this situation instead of indulging in racist claptrap, something might actually get done in this country to improve everyones situation.
    As it is, you are a gift to Authorities who are happy to do nothing about these issues while the Europeans, who have every right to be here, (just as all the Brits in Spain, France, Germany etc have a right to live and work there) take the rap.
    Shameful. Wake up.

  7. Anon 9 54 Its hardly racist to want to protect british nationals and their interests citizens of this country represent all ethnic groups

  8. Tony

    Your argument is the same as that of Sean Garland of the Official IRA. His position was/is that the divide in Northern Ireland was sustained to keep wages low.

    He took a different line, from you, on what to do about it.

    He wanted to mount class struggle of a non-sectarian nature. To represent all workers irrespective of religion or ethnicity etc

    He took the OIRA to ceasefire after Bloody Sunday essentially shattered his strategy (which was far more dangerous to the ruling employing classes than ever the Provos would be) and sectarian bloodshed became inevitable.

    As you know my concern was that the danger of his plan may not have gone to ceasefire with him as there was a split and the sophisticated INLA emerged.

    And here for your information is
    what is happening in law about reports re Sean Garland Plan

    I liked contracting under the Joint Industry Board Scheme (JIB) which is a site contracting body jointly run by Electrical Contractors Assn and Trades Union.

    But if you look to how little regard has been given to De Menezes working illegally as an electrician in UK ?

    I think rather than the seesaw two sides of industry way, that the JIB may be a model for the way forward to protecting workers. Remember that many of the JIB contracts require submission of names for security clearance and so nationals get in (Submarine wiring, MOD factories etc)

    The British cannot keep having their cake and eat it though. If there is work they have to move to take it. And some cities in the Midlands are advertising 800 jobs a week. So why are their young people drawing benefits in Thanet when there is work in the country for them ?

  9. There is work in Thanet. otherwise the EU citizens would not be here.

  10. Maybe there is work available, and maybe there isn't, I know that when I last looked there was little and if you contact local job agencies you will find that they are having difficulties.

    When I was looking a few months ago there was very little work on offer and I'm not fussy and would have taken the minimum.

    I'm told of one Thanet contractor which will not employ english people, if your stuck behind a desk the chances are that you haven't got a clue.

    If you walk past any construction site in London you'll not hear much english spoken.

    Despite what simple minded liberals might think there is no explanation other than blatant discrimination and exploitation against the interests of British citizens.

    Anon 1:30 like many you simply don't understand the reason why there are so many foreign workers here, its so that businesses can screw the weakest sections of society

  11. There is not work in Thanet on offer as there was in the spring. Look at the employment ads in our local press and you will find how the number of pages of 'notices' has already halved from 3-4 pages to 1-2 pages.

  12. I have recently had some major work done on my house. Kitchen, bathroom etc. The first thing was the electric junction box which had to be replaced because the bloke who rewired a few years ago cocked it up and it had become unsafe. He was English. The electrician who came to replace it had the wrong size box, came at the wrong time (a time having been pre arranged) had been drinking (not a good idea I would have thought)had the wrong tools and had forgotten a couple of parts. He had to return the next day to finish what should have been a straightforward job.He also left a terrible mess that I had to clean up. He was English too.
    The people who did the electric inspection from the same company came on the wrong day and then blamed me for not being there. I had waited in all day on the day arranged, for nothing. They were English too. The workers putting in my kitchen are Eastern Europeans. They arrive every day on time, lay plastic over everything to protect the furniture and carpets work dilligently all day (except lunch)and clear everything up every day at the end of the afternoon.
    From this experience, my impression is that the English way of working is to do as sloppy, cheap and fast job as possible and piss off home early.
    Is it any wonder people want to employ anyone but the English?