Monday, November 10, 2008

Still no answer from Sandy Ezekiel on Northdown House

Maybe I should start this dear Sandy, but I'm not in the mood, I think its about time the Leader of Thanet Council actually give clear reasons as why his administration is seemingly determined to flog off Northdown House.

In the local press and even last weeks letter page of the Gazette, Mr Ezekiel has once again, suggested that subsides on Northdown House are too expensive here's my thoughts, the cost to the council is probably less than say employing some bottom of the rung manager in the council who wouldn't be missed, its almost certainly no where near as expensive as the stratospheric £4.5 million wasted by his administration on the Marks and Spencer building in Cecil Square.

Two questions that need answering, the one I asked earlier did Thanet Council order Thanet Leisure Force to no longer take bookings for Northdown House? Why not sell the Marks & Spencer Building instead?

As an outsider from the council I just wonder what has motivated the council to ignore legal restraints on the sale of Northdown House (that is the covenants on the property protecting it)?


  1. I notice OGL (Our Glorious Leader)
    had the nerve to say in the local that plans for Northdown House had been deferred owing to a drop in property value! This is bit steep isn't it? Seeing as how TDC's lawyers have been beavering away trying to find a loophole in the covenant waved in their face by the Friend family. The sell off is deferred because it is bloody illegal!