Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Whatever happened to courtesy?

Stupid question really, as you know I happen to have a fairly brash and robust way about me, particularly where politicians and officials are concerned, so really I shouldn't get too concerned when the social graces are lacking from bureaucrats and the like.

Back in the summer I had a problem with one of Kent's contractors who happen to be in the media, now since my local taxes go to pay this particular company, I was none too please when both Paul Carter and Chief Executive the very well paid Peter Gilroy were less than supportive of what I take to be a direct attack on my freedom of speech, even more offensive was the thought that I had made critical remarks about a" Kent council project " which were directed at Kents political establishment but which resulted in a contractor threatening legal action which I interpret as the contractor acting on KCC's behalf.

More recently I've attempted to get a clear answer from Thanet Council as to why they felt the need to sell Northdown House, briefly one officer claimed it made a small profit, the deputy leader claimed Thanet Leisure Force had declined to operate the building, Sandy of Standards Board Fame claimed that the council couldn't afford to lease it to TLF, and the assets bloke didn't have any figure and even more surprising neither did the accounts department, according to the junior who answered the phone (incidently she did a top job since apparently accountants are uanble to use the phone).

I cannot comment on Richard Samuel since he has yet to answer the phone or answer my email of last week, but I understand that he will not be available tomorrow either since he has some conference to attend.

I can understand that local councillors and petty or not so petty civil servants, get upset by bloggers after years of dealing with a tame press, but its about time they stopped being so er..... and accepted that the world has moved on.

I don't give a toss if politicians and "officers" dislike me, I do however expect them to support free speech and reasonable access to information however uncomfortable.


  1. Well said - accountability was never TDCs strong point!

  2. Speaking of accounts, I see in today's Cliftonville West Matters newsletter, there is an article by Councillor Richard Nicholson that goes as follows:

    "The Conservatives at TDC have sunk to a new low by taking away all the money set aside to improve access for the disabled over to Council owned buildings.
    Buried in the Budget Monitoring report presented bt Cabinet in September was a "capital adjustment" which took all this money and spent it on new double glazing at the TDC offices...(edited)...I was shocked to find the whole budget set aside for Disabled Discrimination Act works was to be used elsewhere. This £132,000 which included a substantial amount unspent from the previous year was now being used to part fund new windows for the Cecil Street Offices. The DDA money is nearly half the total being spent on new windows, it seems life will be cosier for officers but nothing for the disabled"