Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Inspirational Turner Moves On*

Anyone who has followed this blog for any length of time will probably be aware of the recurring references to the Turner Gallery which was the catalyst to this website.

I'd like to think that I have been honest in my comments, which have varied from shock at the waste involved with what I refer to as the Turner Debacle and more enthusiastic support for the current incarnation designed by Chipperfield architects.

I have found at times some of the events surrounding the Turner contemporary, highly entertaining particularly, one presentation which was advertised as being on a first come first served basis (very egalitarian) only to find that Kent Council had apparently introduce an unpublished, segregation system into play, whereby what I assume to have been friends of the conservative party and other of Kent's top knobs, were greeted separately and given preferential seating, although not realising I had the misfortune to sit in one of the reserved seats only to find, our very own Leader Sandy and deputy Roger networking either side of my seat.

Anyway that's all in the past, things have moved on and Turner Contemporary represents a large chunk of Margate's future, this week, we've had an announcement of those who will be on the first board of trustee's and later this month their will be a ground breaking ceremony.

I'd suggest to those who have criticise the Contemporary, which includes me, in the past might as well accept its going to be part of the Margate of the future and maybe lobby for something that appeals to the mainstream and even oiks like myself.

Now you have to be pragmatic in life, and taking a quick gander at the list of trustees to the gallery they all seem fairly influential and that I suppose is what is needed for this organisation, still its seems sad that local influence is fairly thin on the ground, as is the social background.

For now I leave you with the thought that this is the best thing on offer and probably the only thing on offer in Thanet that is positive, now that Sandy Ezekiels local conservative group are selling off all our local cultural assets.

I will return to this subject but in the meantime I'm sure our local press will give us the in-depth analysis for which we've come to expect! and if not I shall discuss a tad more, when I have the time.

*(please note I've not had time to go through this one so it may contain more than the usual number of errors)

For the full press release see David Green has published on his EASTCLIFF MATTERS and form your own opinions


  1. My friends and I(all local Lads and Lasses)are really exited that they are starting the ground breaking later this month,great news for margate YES

  2. I can imagine there will be an immediate rush to see it once built and 'furnished', but what do you do afterwards?

    If arty types were clamouring so much for some modern art in the area, surely any exhibition at the M&S would be drawing them in? Saturday 1st Nov, 2pm - I counted 3 people in there.

    It will be built, the money (over)spent, and we will very sadly be able to roll out the "I told you so's".

    I'm all for inward invesment and development, but surely there are other priorities - Dreamland anyone?

  3. I've been to the M&S myself and quite frankly the latest offering is beyond in the main, what average person would take to be art, particularly the self assembly broken crockery.

    Yes Dreamland could and should be rebuilt.

  4. That's ok Tony. We all make mistakes.

  5. The local Libdems have suggested that the Turner Contemporary centre
    should include a section to show some of the best items from the Museums that the Council are closing down.
    What do you think?