Friday, November 14, 2008

Human Trafficking could the press do more?

I see that once again newspapers in Kent are reporting yet another vile case of people trafficking involving prostitution and the thought occurs, as it has before that there is possibility of an ironic side to these reports.

I remember last year reading, one of our local newspapers which was reporting a police raid on a local brothel and the question occurred to me, just how do the criminals attract business, and reading newspapers published locally by Kent Regional Newspaper I just wonder whether there could be a connection with adverts offering foreign girls and full massage and people trafficking.

Probably not, I'm sure that Northcliffe Media who own the Daily Mail and Kent Regional Newspaper would not be involved in such a business, particularly given that the Daily Mail often lectures on morality, still they could avoid such speculation by just cutting out adverts for massage services.

Still to their credit when I last checked neither KOS or KM Group appear to carry such ambiguous adult advertising probably calculating that it wasn't worth taking the risk.

I've contacted the advertising department of one of our local publishers more than once and the line they seem to take is that, they check the content and that's about it, oh they will assist the police should they enquire, but that must be slim comfort to the victims of this trade and some relief to local pimps.

Perhaps if you feel the same you could write and complain to Kent Regional Newspapers, Gazette Building, Union Row, Margate CT9 1PP

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  1. At least our own local maid, Vicky, is still advertising although the 'mature lady'lable has been dropped! I would have thought a newspaper could easliy check out some of the others.

  2. Hiya Matt

    Thought of you today as my wife read a job vacancy out.

    It is for a benefits advisor to be employed by the Primary Care Trust to advise patients of their benefits entitlements.

    Benefits advice on the NHS.

    As you know my old mate (not) Leonard Cheshire piloted an idea called "Workability" and it was not difficult to see what would be in the wake of the syrupy sweet charity bow wave. All sorts of disabled people classified fit for work so they can have their benefits cut.

    Now the NHS is to employ benefits advisors to try to redress malnutrition amongst the incapacitated ?

    I love your headline and must say I was not aware of how much people trafficking the press do but no doubt they could do more if you asked nicely.

    Did you read my post on holocaust denial Matt because I put a blatant plug in there for the Thanet historian concerned to be made a Star of Thanet ?

    Since I have not identified him you could give him the honour in the manner of award to the unknown local historian.

  3. Perhaps the could do less, to be honest I was a tad preoccupied for reasons that may become apparent next week.

    Good for Vicky, I hope you appreciate my target is those who are forced in to adult service and not those with the choice.

  4. Hello Rick.

    This is Tony's blog dontcha know mine is at Thanet Star dot com and I always leave my name when I visit other people's blogs...

    As for you post I will go and have a quick look right now. I'll be right back Tony.