Sunday, November 23, 2008

Margate in the Spotlight

Just a quick one for those of you not strong enough to get to the pub or Margate sea front for the Quad Bikes, you can still immerse yourself in Margate stuff with the BBC politics show which will be featuring Margate Turner Contemporary and Margate Regeneration.

Well worth taking a butchers The Politics Show starts at 12:00 with local content at around 12:30, more on this later......


  1. Ooo look forward to seeing this Tony-exiting times as Turner contempory starts work next week

  2. well done tony. your points were very well put.

  3. You did very well - spoke about the 2 important subjects to the rest of us - closure of the Margate museum and Northdown house - keep them top of the agenda!
    Thought our Sandy would want some Turner gallery glory obviously the BEEB like the rest of us thought the better of it!