Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Quick Thought

My computer is a little ****** up, just now, so I'll save you from a long boring posting I'd planned, on the recent hypocrisy, shown by both The Daily Mail & News International over public service broadcasting.

Still since I've spent too long trying to beat my PC into performing, so I'll just add my meagre thoughts on the pleasing news that Americans have elected Barack Obama as their next president, it seems to me the best man won, clearly its note worthy the he is the first black American to hold the top job I just hope that journalists, will realise sooner rather than later that it is his ability to articulate his policies and vision that have got him elected rather than the other factors like Senator McCain's age 71 and his vice presidential candidate Sarah "MOM" Palin (blimey who would vote for someone who boasts about their blimin parental skills rather than political competence, being a mom is hardly a qualification for potential running the worlds biggest most influential nation).

Finally something I always find refreshing, which might sound cheesy to many is the genuine love of and pride in America by both sides of the political spectrum and all communities in the US, which I don't think is ever likely to shared in this country due to the class system exemplified by our Royal family.


  1. Nothing to do with the class system, and everything to do with allowing immigrants in to change our laws and life style!

    No other country in the world would allow the minority immigrants to dictate our own laws!

    That is not a racist view by the way, that is a view that if you want to live in this country, then you abide by our laws! If you don't like our laws, then go and live somewhere else!

    The truely wonderful thing about Americans is the fact that wherever they hailed from, they are now Americans with pride and belief in their country!

  2. Anon 12.08

    The Office of Constable is held conditional that the officer defends the ancient rights, freedoms and liberties of the people.

    Not much of that gone on this forty years ?

    ACPO (what legal status do they have) dictating shoot to kill strategy (De Menezes)

    ACPO involved with the far right plans to overthrow Harold Wilson an elected prime minister ? Including by helpful and genrous issues of inappropriate firearms certificates ?

    ACPO unlawfully deploying Officers of the Crown (Police) under Govt direction to offend against the people (policing of the Miners Strike)

    A Queen who failed to uphold her Coronation Oath commitment to maintain the administration of justice independent of govt.

    And democracy itself made a myth by the MI6/CIA/City of London selection, grooming and manipulating to leadership of the tories of Maggie Thatcher.

    At the same time as lecturing the unemployed to get on their bikes they gave equity (amounting to about £38000 apiece) to tenants in right to buy and stay where they are with no need of a bike or an ambition or self reliance.

    Vote buying at massivepublic expense which made low risk parochialism a more attractive option than get up and go.

    Why don't you go on the internet and look up "The Shield" group ... Brian Crozier, Harry Sporborg, Stephen Hastings

    But hey blaming immigrants is the easier way to go as long as you overlook that this country had lost its way before the immigrants arrived.