Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A dignified cross party consensus on Mayor Ted (Ex Conservative) unlikely

Sometimes all a politician has is his dignity, when faced with adversity, it seemed that last week Ted Watt-Ruffel had faced up to his culpability in negligent treatment of a family pet, since then I’m not entirely sure that he’s is going do what many would expect, yes we know he’s stepping down from his post as Margate Mayor and no longer part of the Tory group on Thanet District council, but shouldn’t he also resign from the district council, I for one object to being represented Cllr convicted of neglecting animals.

Someone who is always dignified is Labour TDC leader Clive Hart who I think alludes to the Ted situation with this comment “Trustees are in 'something of a pickle' following recent developments” in a message sent to Margate Charter Trustees.

The full message rather emotional and histrionic if you ask me, would indicate it’s unlikely for a meeting  of minds with Labour or Tory bods, anyway for your reference and enlightenment do engross yourself in the full text:

Dear Charter Trustees

I'm afraid I can't make tonight's meeting - I have an important TDC Planning Committee to prepare for and then attend.

However, I understand Margate Charter Trustees are in 'something of a pickle' following recent developments.  I would argue strongly that what has happened recently is only the latest in a long line of appalling events that I have consistantly warned you all of, time and time again.

All was reasonably OK at the Margate Charter Trustees until my good friend and colleague Cllr. Doug Clark was democratically chosen as Mayor by the members.  Despite winning the vote at the Mayor's request meeting and receiving well deserved praise, from the moment he was elected, some of those who didn't really agree with the majority decision made his year as Mayor an absolute misery for him presonally.  Doug being the absolute gentleman he is, tried extremely hard to ignore the vendetta against him but all of us witnessed the seriously detramental effect it had on his health (at one point even collapsing at full council).  Indeed, the nasty and spiteful vendetta has continued to this very day and consequently Doug has sadly not fully recovered even now.

I further warned Trustees not to go ahead with a 'Kangaroo court' where the vendetta mentioned was taken to new heights of absurdity, but the vendetta continued and the 'Kangaroo court' went ahead confirming my worst concerns about the organisation and selfish, nasty, motives of several Trustees.

Fact is, though I regularly attend civic events, dress smartly and respectfully and behave decently and respectfully, I'm afraid I cannot say that all other Trustees have always done the same.  I have witnessed a Trustee, in full robes, so 'leglessly intoxicated' that they were hardly able to stand.

I stopped attending your formal (and I must say - over-secretive) meetings after I was personally and disgustingly verbally abused, goaded and threatened at one of the Charter Trustees own civic events at the Winter Gardens a couple of years ago.  The Trustee who behaved so badly also threatened the elderly Mayor and used appalling language in front of my wife (who now finds herself as a Trustee*) for which he has never apologised.

I simply turned and walked away in disgust, but in a desperate attempt to cover up his own appalling behaviour the Trustee concerned then made outrageous allegations to the Police about those of us who were the victims of his disgusting outburst - all later proved to be utterly spureous.

Even worse, when another upstanding Charter Trustee informed the offending Trustee that his outburst was totally unacceptable and that he was therefore going to report him, that very brave Trustee was called a 'gutless bastard' and a series of attempts were made to also make him appear a liar.

Now the Trustees find themselves in one hell of a mess because of further repeatedly poor judgements.  I believe your chosen Mayor, who has now pleaded guilty to two charges of animal cruelty, actually oversaw the 'Knagaroo court' I refered to earlier.  I know he, like some others, was simply a puppet, but what goes around comes around.

I'm sorry I can't be there today - but I do sicerely hope you can start to clear up this whole appalling mess!

Kind regards


(Cllr Clive Hart)  *incidently, when my wife became a Charter Trustee just a few weeks ago, she received a very rude welcome from another Trustee for which he has never apologised either.


  1. Wandered past Cyril's stall the other day. usual blue rosette decor. He was calling to the market.

    "All yer favourites, all yer favourites. Forged educational qualifications, passports (as recommmended by our own Mossad)Aemy Service Record books, dollars and firearms certificates.

    But now already proving popular and I mean popular. Our new line in SIA licences.

    Pay my associate there the guy brandishing a sub-machine gun.

    I see Roger Gale at the back of the crowd there. Yer very own pet friendly MP tough on gun crime. Yes that is Roger shaking hands with my associate and admiring his sub-machine gun.

    We have commissioned a writer and have on offer now the first editions of the book "Thanet gory tory stories". This is the book with the answers. What did Bill Hayton say in High Court evidence for tory cllr Maison in 98 ? Did that little rascal lie on oath in the High Court ? Did he later phone and threaten various people ? What did happen to the £267,000 Butler legacy to East Kent Maritime Trust. How did Fawlty Towers on Margate seafront get through planning ? All in the book. Gory tory stories.

    Read about the kilted warrior and how misunderstood he was by Kent Ploddie. Lucky his ole mate was Bill Hayton of the Police Authority, Jack the Ripper in charge of the bleedin Scotland Yard eh ?

    Read about Ted. How his solicitor suggested he should enter a guilty flea. I know prison humour. Sorry ladees n gents. Driving licence young sir discount if you buy an MOT and insurance cert at the same time ....."

  2. Oh for pity's sake,this is all old news,happen clive hart needs to move on and stop blaming everyone but himself ,and he should have attended the meeting.The man is a smug self centred wannabe..

  3. Cllr Hart needs to organised his time a bit better. He should not leave the preparation for a planning meeting to the last hour before the meeting. Apart from playing childish games, he had no excuse not to attend the trustees meeting.
    This is another case of a councillor opening his mouth and putting his foot in it. Thanet blogs are full of such statements and comments. When will councillors learn of the dangers of blogs?
    Its not supprising that the Thanet public think that many local councillors are not fit for the office they have been elected to.

  4. i see the word sia licence, ted ruffell ex mayor of margate doesnt seem to have one ? yet i keep reading he is a security officer, is anybody regulating the security industry ?