Monday, February 01, 2010

A quick reminder – KENT TV’s future

As many of you will know, I have never been a fan of Kent TV in the same way KCC bods officers and members (Cons) have, never criticising Kent TV as if it were some sacred cow (except of course, for that scrutiny meeting which was later er re-scrutinised, after Tory Back benchers were challenged or given new info)

By there own admission, viewing numbers have at times been difficult to get at, two and half million visits as its mentioned on the agenda or what we bloggers call hits, seems a big number but does not reflect regular viewers, ask yourself this, has anyone come up to you and said I watch Kent TV, or try asking anyone who does not read about or follow Kent Politics if they have heard of Kent TV.

Anyway give yourself a chortle, today if you have the day off as I do maybe you’d like to watch KCC’s cabinet webcast today from 10am click here (webcasting of democracy is something worthwhile) were no doubt KCC’s bods will speak highly of what many consider a huge waste of time and remember despite not having agreed to continue they have er just in case decided to start the bidding process to continue on the off chance also don’t forget that an extensive totally unbiased report has been generated by asking 36 people some of whom are directly involved in Kent TV work for the council and or have very strong connections with KCC for funding and the like.

Anyway click here for KCC webcast follow the links and if you’ve missed the start I understand that it will be available for viewing after the meeting.

As always when referring to Kent TV I like to remind interested parties that I am entitled to comment (freedom of speech) without receiving intimidating advice.


  1. Er, that was clear Tony. You sound a little more demented than usual Forgot your anti-bigot tablets? Time to move on and grow up mate. Honestly whatever your views on kent tv - and some of us even quite like it - you must realise there are bigger fish to fry out there which you ought to be pointing your lib dem lazer light at.

  2. Anon 11.02 would you like to pay the £600,000 it costa a year to run. Or together with the other users of the site a subscription of about £30 per year. I am sure you can find the same services for FREE.
    That is the point, KCC has other more important things to spend our money on. Just have a look at our roads and footpaths.

  3. Anon 11 02 thanks for that representation on behalf of the "county set", there are indeed bigger fish to fry and I shall be offering up more morsels later, still thanks (and don't I know you?)

    11 11 fair point, Kent TV could have actually worked had it been started with a modest budget, perhaps one or to tech savy KCC staff could have advised KCC institutions how to use the internets resource rather than the standard dim witted through money approach practiced by KCC in this and other initiatives.

    PS having Just watched the item in the cabinet meeting, webcast I have to say it looks like a done deal and not any sort of dicision process other than choosing a contractor.

  4. their - belonging to them

    there - as in a place

    they're - short for they are

    Not difficult to learn and makes a difference to your postings. Honestly.

  5. As many of my readers are aware I am Dyslexic therefore I make mistakes

    Most postings take a couple of hours to manufacture, simply because of my grammatical errors,
    this particular item was produced in a hurry.

    Anon 4:51 whats your excuse apart from being a cretinous prick! I'd imagine you to be some social misfit who has difficulty relating to people. I suggest you get help.

    No one has to read this, so please **** off as it does make a difference, this site gets many readers despite being written by a F-wit trackman

  6. Independent Kent TV

    “Television made by the people of Kent for the people of Kent”

    Independent Kent TV has been formed by a consortium of businessmen with a proven track record in the television industry.

    Historically the transmission of programme has been controlled by a select few media moguls. Today the internet provides an alternative platform for the delivery of programme material and we predict that with the development of faster connections such as fiber optics we will see the delivery of television as we know it entirely over the internet within the next decade.

    We are currently running test transmissions on the Livestream platform at our web site and

    We recognise that television and film production is one of the hardest industries for fresh new talent to break into. The idea is to providing a platform for ideas that would otherwise probably never see the light of day. Independent Kent TV aims to tap into that talent and produce “Television by the People of Kent for the People of Kent. Whether you are a media student, independent programme maker or private individual, you too can contribute to the output of Independent Kent TV. You will have to meet certain technical and editorial standards but the door is wide open to anyone.

    By their nature view on demand web sites provide an insular experience for the audience and do not provide the sense of shared experience that scheduled programming offer. Such sites with the exception of You tube fail to maintain a large audience share and hence are not attractive to advertisers

    Our intention is to supply locally produced scheduled programs with commercials breaks not dissimilar to main stream commercial television. The station will work to the same criteria as laid down by the Advertising Standards Authority. However, the production of our advertisements will be affordable to local businesses and our rates highly competitive with those of newspapers.

    Our output will focus not only on alternative entertainment but will cover local issues and politics. The station aims to get its funding from advertising, sponsored programming and local government.

    We would welcome the teaming up with local news paper such as the KM group and have their web based local news service running in our schedules. The technology also exist for reporters to inject live into the program from the field using G3 telephone technology .